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Women 25% less likely than men to be employed despite equal skills, study shows

Panos - Dec 12, 2018

When it comes to sexism, women are not supposed to be the chauvinists. But women are as likely as men to write off other females when it…

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Greek women earn 12.5% less than men, Eurostat data reveals

Panos - Mar 08, 2018

Female employees in Greece earn 12.5% less pay on average, compared to men, according to Eurostat data published in 2014 on occasion of World Women’s Day. However,…

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9 + 1 reasons why men want what they think women want!

Panos - Jul 04, 2017

Penis size has always been a factor for self-confidence or the lack of it and, almost always, those less privileged … were always afraid of rejection. The…