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Citizens to Speaker of the Parliament Voutsis: “You will pay for the Prespes’ treason” (videos)
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Citizens to Speaker of the Parliament Voutsis: “You will pay for the Prespes’ treason” (videos)

makis - Apr 03, 2019

A citizen expressed her protest for the Prespes Agreement to the Speaker of the Parliament, Nikos Voutsis, in the hall of the Thessaloniki City Council, while outside…

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Head of Greek Parliament Voutsis visits the two incarcerated Greek soldiers

makis - May 16, 2018

The House Speaker Nikos Voutsis visited the two Greek soldiers detained in the prisons of Adrianople. According to the announcement of the Parliament’s press office Mr. Voutsis,…

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House speaker defends reduction of politicians’ solidarity tax

makis - Mar 07, 2017

House speaker Nikos Voutsis on Tuesday defended a provision that will see politicians paying up to 2,000 euros less a year for the so-called solidarity tax. “This…

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Parliamentary speaker says 25 ex-MPs warned over loan arrears

makis - Mar 06, 2017

Parliamentary Speaker Nikos Voutsis on Monday said that he would be sending notices to tax authorities unless 25 former lawmakers make good on their repayments of loans…

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Voutsis douses Grexit speculation

Panos - Feb 01, 2017

Parliament speaker Nikos Voutsis has doused renewed speculation about a Greek exit from the euro area in the wake of comments by SYRIZA’s parliamentary spokesman Nikos Xydakis…

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“Better deals for Greece when credibility is restored”

makis - Aug 23, 2016

The President of Parliament Nikos Voutsis denied rumors of the coalition government calling early elections, underlining that these rumors being circulated by certain interest groups. On the…

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Voutsis: Electoral law will have been voted by July 20

Panos - Jun 30, 2016

The electoral law will be submitted to Parliament in the next days and will have been voted by July 20, parliament president Nikos Voutsis said in an…

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Aim is to settle election law issue before summer ends

ilias1 - Jun 11, 2016

The government will raise the issue of changing the election law now with the aim of resolving it within this summer, Parliament President Nikos Voutsis said on…

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Voutsis: “VAT hike on islands is possibly unconstitutional”

makis - May 26, 2016

The President of Parliament Nikos Voutsis has expressed his skepticism over the imminent increase of the VAT on the island, arguing that such a hike is “on…

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Government decides on issuing 4 nationwide TV licenses

Panos - Feb 10, 2016

The President of Parliament Nikos Voutsis argued that the national broadcasting television licenses that will be issued in Greece will be no more than four. Mr. Voutsis,…