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Six Media Groups Bid for Greek TV Licences – No Bid by Mega Channel

Panos - Jan 12, 2018

Six media groups have applied to get TV licenses in Greece in the latest effort by government to shake up what it sees as a debt-ridden, unregulated…

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Private TV station owners must submit declaration of assets

makis - Aug 02, 2017

Owners of private television stations will have to submit declarations listing the provenance of all of their assets, a form known as “pothen esches” in Greek, after…

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Amendment paves way for state to return TV license payments

makis - Mar 08, 2017

Greek MPs on Wednesday approved an amendment paving the way for the reimbursement of some 85 million euros paid as a first installment to the state by…

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Parties agree on TV watchdog, paving way for new auction

Panos - Nov 11, 2016

After several failed attempts, representatives of the various political parties on Thursday agreed on the composition of the National Broadcasting Council (ESR), a key step toward breaking…

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Council of State finds TV licensing law unconstitutional

makis - Oct 27, 2016

After much discussion, the Council of State ruled with a 14-11 vote that the controversial television licensing law conflicts with the Constitution. The minority vote argued that…

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No ruling on TV licenses; judges to reconvene on Wednesday

Panos - Oct 25, 2016

A meeting of top administrative judges on whether a recent government auction of TV licenses is in line with the Greek Constitution ended without a decision on…

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TV licenses: CoS ruling blocks government plans

Panos - Oct 19, 2016

Wednesday’s initial ruling by the Council of State (CoS) to accept the appeals by media owners on the unconstitutionality of the recent TV licensing tender, organised by…

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CoS convenes a third time on TV licences on Tuesday

Panos - Oct 18, 2016

Following two failed attempts by the Council of State (CoS) to deliver an initial ruling on the legality of the recent TV licensing procedures, after appeals by…

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TV channel workers stage protest outside Parliament

Panos - Oct 10, 2016

Greek television channel employees on Monday staged a demonstration outside Parliament, demanding job security and collective work contracts. In solidarity with the workers, the unions representing Greek…

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Monday deadline for first payment of winning bid by controversial candidate

Panos - Sep 26, 2016

Closing time on Monday of Greece’s tax bureau is the deadline for payment of a first instalment of a television broadcast license by one of four winners…

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New Democracy MPs file lawsuit over TV license tender

makis - Sep 23, 2016

A number of MPs from the main opposition party have filed a lawsuit at the Supreme Court against everyone responsible for the recent television license tender. Among…

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Pappas: We cannot guarantee anyone a television license

Panos - Sep 22, 2016

“We are not in the position to guarantee to any of the four [winning bidders] that they will receive a license, as there are also other conditions…

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New Democracy banking on TV licenses for early elections

makis - Sep 20, 2016

The main opposition party New Democracy has repeatedly called for early general elections and is banking on implication in the television license tender to force the coalition…

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Courts troubled by PM’s ‘prediction’ on State Council verdict

Panos - Sep 13, 2016

The recent estimation by the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that the Council of State will not cancel the law governing television licensing has caused concern among judicial…

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Savvidis offers to buy TV stations that failed to secure a license

makis - Sep 12, 2016

The chairman of PAOK Ivan Savvidis offered to buy any television station that failed to secure a license in the recent tender and promised that no employees…

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Provisional TV license holders awaiting State Council ruling

Panos - Sep 07, 2016

The four new provisional television license holders have made a proposal to pay the first installment for their licenses after the Council of State issues a ruling…

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New TV license-holders and government officials met on Monday

Panos - Sep 06, 2016

The meetings between the General Secretary of Information and Communication Lefteris Kretsos and the four provisional successful bidders in the recent television license tender concluded shortly after…

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Spirtzis claims “no jobs will be lost” after TV license tender

makis - Sep 05, 2016

The Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Christos Spirtzis commented on ERT that any television network not having a license will not be able to broadcast in…

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New TV license-holders to meet with government officials on Monday

makis - Sep 05, 2016

A meeting has been scheduled for Monday between the four winners of the recent television license tender and State Minister Nikos Pappas, Government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili and…

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Results of TV licenses tender expected on Thursday

Panos - Sep 01, 2016

The results of the government tender for four TV licenses are expected to be announced on Thursday. The tender started on Tuesday with 8 candidates after Epsilon…