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Authorities say Turkish vessel that ran aground off Kos not suspect

makis - Dec 27, 2016

Port authorities on Kos in the southeastern Aegean said on Tuesday they found nothing suspicious or incriminating on the Alcatras, a Turkish-flagged ship than ran aground on…

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Greek, Turkish fighter jets engage in mock dogfight

makis - Dec 22, 2016

Two pairs of Greek and Turkish F-16 fighter jets engaged in a mock dogfight southwest of Chios Thursday afternoon. The Turkish aircraft were armed and had entered…

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Turkish jets violate Greek air space

makis - Dec 19, 2016

Two pairs of Turkish F-4 fighter jets violated Greek air space between the eastern Aegean islands of Lesvos and Chios on Monday, Greek authorities said. The first…

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Turkish jets chased out of Greek air space

makis - Dec 13, 2016

Three Turkish fighter jets, two of which flew in formation, entered the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) on Tuesday and violated Greek national air space over the…

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Appeal Council to examine extradition of Turkish officers

makis - Dec 05, 2016

The extradition of three of the eight Turkish military officers, who arrived in Greece after the failed coup in Turkey, will be examined on Monday by the…

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Greece issues response to provocative Turkish statements

makis - Oct 18, 2016

In a recent series of statements the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke of his country’s ‘historic right’ to have a say in the broader region,…

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Turkish military choppers, jet enter Greek air space

Sokratis - Oct 01, 2016

The Greek military says that two helicopters and one fighter jet violated international aviation rules, entering the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) in the southeastern Aegean on…

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Samos: Reports of another Turkish officer involved in the failed coup

makis - Aug 25, 2016

The Police, the National Intelligence Agency (EYP), the Coast Guard and Frontex are on alert following reports that a 40-year-old Turkish officer arrived on the Pythagorio beach…

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Turkish Foreign Minister Cavucoglu pressures Greece for the extradition of the 8 rebel Turkish officers

makis - Jul 22, 2016

Speaking to Reuters news agency, Turkish Foreign Minister Melvut Cavusoglu repeated the request of his government for the speedy extradition by Greece of the eight rebel Turkish…

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Tension in Alexandroupoli during trial of Turkish officers

makis - Jul 21, 2016

The eight Turkish military officers who participated in the failed coup in Turkey and subsequently escaped to Greece will go on trial at noon on Thursday. The…

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Turkish officers given 48 hours to prepare for deposition

makis - Jul 18, 2016

The eight Turkish military officers, who sought political asylum in Greece after the failed coup in Turkey, have been given 48 hours by the courts to prepare…

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Athens considers fast tracking extradition of Turkish officers

makis - Jul 18, 2016

Following the recent dramatic political developments in Turkey, eight Turkish officers landed in Alexandroupoli in a helicopter and requested asylum. The eight officers were subsequently arrested by…

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Turkish military helicopter lands in northern Greece; crew requests asylum

Sokratis - Jul 16, 2016

A Turkish military helicopter has landed in Alexandroupoli, northern Greece, the ANA-MPA news agency reported on Saturday, adding that its eight crew members are requesting political asylum.…

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Turkish fighter jets violate Greek air space 15 times

makis - Apr 19, 2016

Twelve Turkish fighter jets violated Greek national air space in the northeast, central and southeastern Aegean yesterday, military authorities said. According to the Hellenic National Defense General…

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Turkish jets fly over Oinousses

makis - Apr 11, 2016

Two Turkish F-16 fighter jets violated Greek air space over the Aegean Sea on Monday, according to Greek military authorities. Authorities said the two aircraft entered the…

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Turkish observers will be assigned to Greek refugee centers

Sokratis - Mar 12, 2016

Alternate Minister for Citizens’ Protection Nikos Toskas on Saturday confirmed that Turkish officials will be posted to the Greek islands of the eastern Aegean to act as…