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New Turkish provocations: 24 violations of the Greek airspace & one mock dogfight

makis - Oct 18, 2017

The very next day after the visit of the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to the USA to meet with the US President Dnald Trump and right…

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Turkish surveillance expert police officer surrenders to Greece requesting political asylum!

makis - Oct 11, 2017

A Turkish police officer surrended to the Greek immigration police in Athens asking for political asylum. The 35-year-old officer was serving in the Turkish police’s surveillance unit…

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30 Turkish violations of the Greek airspace by 2 spy planes!

makis - Oct 10, 2017

Turkey continues its provocations against Greece. Today, 12 Turkish airplanes -eight F-16, two F-4 and two CN-235 electronic warfare aiplanes- flew over the northeastern, the central and…

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Turkish F-16s fly over Greek island!

makis - Oct 05, 2017

Two Turkish F-16 violated again the Greek airspace, but this time they flew over the small island of Farmakonisi. Although these violations are not uncommon and are…

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Greek and Turkish coastguard boats face-off outside Lesvos harbour

makis - Sep 20, 2017

A serious incident took place between a Greek coast guard vessel and a Turkish boat off the coast of the Island of Lesvos in Greek territorial waters,…

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Turkish Foreign Minister demands guarantees and military on Cyprus

makis - Jul 04, 2017

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey would out-rightly reject the prospect of withdrawing its military forces from the northern part of the island of Cyprus, during…

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Turkish aircraft violate Greek airspace over Anthropofagous island

makis - Jun 21, 2017

A pair of Turkish F-4 aircraft flew over the islands of Makronisi and Anthropofagous (Man-eaters), located south of the island complex of Fournous in the eastern Aegean…

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Turkish Prime Minister’s provocative statement: The Greeks also violate the Turkish airspace!

makis - Jun 19, 2017

The Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Yildirim proceeded in a provocative statement during his meeting with the Greek Prime Minister Mr. Tsipras when he stated that it is…

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Turkish F-16 jets violate Greek airspace again

makis - Jun 14, 2017

Turkish provocations against Greece in the Aegean Sea continued unabated, as a series of violations of Greek airspace took place on Wednesday. Two F-16 fighter jets infringed…

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Turkish planes violate Greek airspace 37 times!

makis - Jun 06, 2017

Three Turkish CN-235 reconnaissance planes violated Greek airspace a total of 36 times, while 4 F-16 fighter jets infringed on Greek airspace over central, north and southeastern…

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Three more Turkish officers in Greece, but unaccounted for!

makis - Mar 14, 2017

According to the lawyer of the two Turkish officers that surrended to the Greek authorities, Stavroula Tomara, there were three more officers with them that left first…

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Turkish extreme-right party leader to Greece: Remember what happened in 1922

makis - Feb 28, 2017

The leader of the extreme right Turkish Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Devlet Bahceli openly threatened Greece that if its army wanted to be thrown into the sea…

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Two Turkish Special Forces officers have allegedly been arrested in Orestiada

makis - Feb 23, 2017

According to some sources two Turkish low rank officers of the Elite Bordo Bereli team, which was dissolved after the failed coup last summer, were arrested in…

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Turkish FM: Turkey’s military rights still needed in Cyprus

makis - Feb 21, 2017

Turkey’s foreign minister says his country’s right to intervene militarily in Cyprus is still necessary given recent actions that have fanned insecurity among Turkish Cypriots. Foreign Minister…

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Turkish media claims coast guard approaches to Greek islets

makis - Feb 21, 2017

Turkish media on Tuesday published reports and photographs indicating that Turkish coast guard vessels had approached the Greek islets of Imia. The Sozcu website said that a…

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Greek court says Turkish servicemen must stay in custody

makis - Feb 01, 2017

A Greek court has ruled that eight Turkish servicemen seeking asylum in Greece must remain in temporary police detention even though Turkey's request for their extradition has…

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Athens court rules in favor of continued short-term detention for 8 Turkish servicemen who requested asylum

Panos - Feb 01, 2017

An administrative first instance court in Athens on Wednesday ruled that the continued detention of eight Turkish servicemen, who have requested asylum in the country, is legal,…

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Administrative court hearing Turkish servicemen’s release request

makis - Jan 30, 2017

An administrative court in Athens on Monday was hearing a request for release by eight Turkish servicemen accused by Ankara of taking part in last summer’s failed…

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The eight Turkish officers and Greek justice

makis - Jan 27, 2017

Greece does not often have the chance to show the world the value of an independent judiciary and of other democratic institutions, the chance to honor the…

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Turkish jets reappear in Greek air space

makis - Jan 12, 2017

Four Turkish fighter jets, two of which were flying in formation and the other two separately, violated Greek air space in the northeastern and southeastern Aegean four…