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One of 8 Turkish officers seeking asylum freed under strict conditions

makis - Apr 19, 2018

One of eight Turkish officers, who had requested political asylum after fleeing to Greece on the night of the failed coup in Turkey was released today. The…

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Turkish nationalist leader: The grandfathers of those who speak like you (Tsipras) are at the bottom of the sea!

makis - Mar 27, 2018

In an effort to remain politically relevant and capitalise on the tensions between Greece and Turkey, the leader of Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), known as the…

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Provocative Turkish newspaper attacks Greek Defence Minister “who escaped Turkish soldiers”!

makis - Mar 26, 2018

In a report using the provocative title: “The Minister who escaped the Turkish soldiers has gone overboard”, Turkish newspaper “Haber46” attacked Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos over…

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Greek court rejects Turkish servicemen’s extradition

makis - Mar 16, 2018

A Greek appeals court rejected for a third time on Friday an appeal by Turkey seeking the extradition of eight former servicemen who fled to Greece in…

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Greek court rejects Turkish extradition request for woman among nine militants arrested

Panos - Mar 15, 2018

A Greek court has rejected a Turkish extradition request for a young woman who was among nine suspected Turkish militants arrested in Athens ahead of an official…

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Turkish national enters Greece seeking political asylum

makis - Mar 09, 2018

A Turkish national crossed into Greece in the early hours of Friday and has reportedly requested political asylum. The 30-year-old man crossed the Evros River from the…

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Turkish PM Yildirim openly threatens Cyprus over gas exploration in Mediterranean

makis - Mar 07, 2018

Turkey leveled new threats against the Republic of Cyprus, Wednesday regarding the island-nation’s rights to drill for gas and carbohydrates in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Turkish…

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Turkish media: Greek soldiers entered 253 metres into Turkish soil

makis - Mar 06, 2018

As the two Greek soldiers are in the cells of Adrianople’s top security prisons, waiting for the digital checking of their mobile phones to conclude, citing news…

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Greek soldiers to remain in Turkish prison after appeal rejected

makis - Mar 05, 2018

The Greek soldiers who are being held in the high-security prison of Adrianople in Turkey will remain incarcerated until the conclusion of their trial. Second lieutenant Mitretodis…

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Turkish General Chief of Staff says armed forces able to fight both in Syria and Aegean Sea!

makis - Feb 09, 2018

Turkish Chief of General Staff General Hulusi Akar said the Turkish armed forces were capable of conducting military operations in both Syria and the Aegean Sea. In…

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Greek Court rejects Turkish request for extradition of Kurd charged with terrorism

makis - Feb 02, 2018

The Athens Three-Member Appeals Council ruled against the extradition of Mehmet Dogan, a Turkish national of Kurdish origin to Turkey, after adopting the proposal put forward by…

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Turkish aircraft violate Greek airspace 40 times!

makis - Jan 29, 2018

The Turkish air-force committed a total of 40 violations and infringements of Greek airspace and the Athens FIR on Monday, as the Hellenic National Defence General Staff…

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Athens fends off pressure to extradite Turkish servicemen

makis - Jan 23, 2018

Athens has fended off fresh pressure from Ankara to extradite eight Turkish servicemen who fled to Greece in a helicopter after a failed military coup against President…

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Turkish major political leader disputes sovereignty of Greek isle of Pserimos!

makis - Jan 18, 2018

The leader of Turkey’s major opposition People’s Republican party (CHP), Kemal Kilicdaroglou blasted Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for failing to adopt a harsher stance against Greece…

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Verdict on legality of detention of Turkish officer expected on Tuesday

makis - Jan 15, 2018

The head of the Athens Administrative Court of First Instance is expected to deliver a verdict Tuesday on whether the detention of a Turkish officer who was…

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Greek Police Arrest Turkish Army Officer after Asylum Status Suspended

Panos - Jan 09, 2018

The Turkish army officer who was granted asylum was arrested on Monday after the Administrative Court of Appeals upheld the Greek State’s request to suspend his asylum…

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The granting of asylum to the Turkish officer is suspended – The officer has been arrested!

makis - Jan 08, 2018

A few hours after the decision of the Administrative Court of Appeals which accepted the Greek State’s appeal to suspend the granting of asylum to Suleyman Ozkaynakci,…

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Verdict on 2nd Turkish officer seeking asylum to be reached next week

makis - Jan 05, 2018

The verdict on the request by one of the 8 Turkish servicemen who is seeking political asylum in Greece was postponed until next week by the president of…

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Turkish FM: We will take the islands through diplomacy or international court or by force!

makis - Dec 20, 2017

Turkey’s foreign minister, Melvut Cavusoglu, pointed to diplomacy to resolve Turkey’s differences with Greece in the Aegean. In his speech to the Turkish Parliament, the Turkish minister…

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Turkish deputy-Prime Minister accuses Greece of oppressing religious minorities in latest Turkish tirade against Greece

makis - Nov 17, 2017

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag accused Greece of imprisoning Muslim Imams, despite the country being a member of the EU which “in theory” upheld the notion…