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Commission forecasts for Greek GDP growth slightly down from Feb. projections

Panos - May 09, 2019

The Commission's spring forecast for the course of the Greek economy are moving slightly lower than the immediately previous forecast, primarily affected by a slowdown in the…

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Central bank seeks clarifications from Attica Bank over minister’s 100K loan

Panos - Feb 19, 2019

Two top Attica Bank executives - its deputy CEO and managing director - met urgently on Monday with Bank of Greece (BoG) regulators in the wake of…

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Greek state’s primary budget surplus overexceeds Jan-Nov target, reaches 7.626 bln€

Panos - Dec 28, 2018

The creditor-mandated primary budget surplus, as a percentage of GDP, for the Jan-Nov 2018 far exceeded the target, reaching 7.626 billion euros on the back of an…

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Greek ministry says primary budget surplus triple the target over Jan-Aug period

Panos - Sep 25, 2018

Figures for Greece’s primary budget surplus, as a percentage of annual GDP, showed that a dramatic over-performance in the Jan-Aug 2018 period. Specifically, the finance minister said…

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Greek state posts 2.087 bln€ over Jan-Jun 2018 period

Panos - Aug 16, 2018

The Greek state budget posted a primary budget surplus of 2.087 billion euros over the first seven months of 2018, exceeding the target (929 million euros) by…

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Greek Bonds Rated ‘Investment’ Grade for First Time Since Crisis

Panos - Jul 10, 2018

Standard & Poor’s have announced the upgrade of National Bank of Greece’s three-year covered bonds worth €750 million ($881 million) to the BBB- credit rating, four notches…

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BoG report: Eurogroup decision offers opportunity for inclusion of Greek bonds in ECB’s QE program

Panos - Jul 02, 2018

The Bank of Greece's (BoG) first official reaction to last month's Eurogroup agreement - debt relief measures, the country's post-bailout supervision- came on Monday, echoing a view…

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ELA ceiling for Greek banks reduced by 3.34 bln€

Panos - May 11, 2018

According to the Bank of Greece the Governing Council of the ECB this week lowered the ELA-ceiling for Greek banks from 13.55 billion euros, in March 2018,…

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Greek economy: New deposits showcase that confidence is making a comeback

Panos - Dec 29, 2017

Greek Minister of Economy confirms opening of Melbourne office for…Eurogroup Greek economic turnaround continuesDeposit your budget for investment in the future Greece accelerates its efforts to attract…

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Emergency central bank funding to Greek banks drops by 2.9 billion euros

Panos - Dec 13, 2017

Emergency central bank funding to Greek lenders dropped by 2.9 billion euros (£2.5 billion), or 12.7 percent, in November compared to the previous month, Bank of Greece…

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Greek budget execution: July 2017 revenues lag behind target by 729 mln€

Panos - Aug 17, 2017

Figures released this week by the Greek finance ministry showed a significant lag in collected public revenues for last month, July 2017, compared with the target. Specifically,…

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Reuters: Greek credit contracts 1.6 pct y/y in May – central bank

Panos - Jul 10, 2017

ATHENS, July 10 Total credit in Greece's banking system contracted 1.6 percent year-on-year in May after a 1.6 percent decline in the previous month, Bank of Greece…

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ECB lowers ELA cap for Greek banks by 1.1 bln euros

Panos - Jun 09, 2017

The European Central Bank on Thursday lowered its Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) cap on the amount that Greek banks can draw from the Bank of Greece (BoG)…

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BoG: Write-offs kept NPEs in check over Q1 2017; figure stands at 103.9 bln€

Panos - Jun 07, 2017

Barroso: Grexit not off the table yet; certain quarters in Europe would pay for Greece to leave EZ 06/06 22:32 EWG teleconference called off; 10 out of…

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BoG: Greek real estate values, leasing revenue imploded during crisis

Panos - Oct 21, 2016

Real estate values in Greece have imploded, with the value of residential apartments down 41.4 percent over 2006-2016 period, Bank of Greece (BoG) vice president Theodoros Mitrakos…

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Interest rates on loans, deposits mostly unchanged in May

Panos - Jul 05, 2016

The Bank of Greece on Tuesday announced that in May 2016, the overall weighted average interest rates on new deposits and loans remained almost unchanged. The interest…

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BoG: Primary surplus targets must be reduced to 2%

Panos - Jun 15, 2016

In its Monetary Policy Report for 2015-2016 that was submitted in Parliament on Wednesday morning, the Bank of Greece underlines the need to reduced the primary surplus…

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ECB lowers ELA to Greece ahead of Eurogroup

Panos - May 05, 2016

As Greece is preparing for another Eurogroup meeting on May, to discuss its economic programme review with EU Finance Ministers, the European Central Bank (ECB) has lowered…