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Tourism is Greece’s true success story

Panos - Aug 25, 2017

For the past seven years, Greece's economy has been trying to resurface, after being immersed into a recession of unprecedented severity, resulting to hundreds of thousands of…

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Greek Tourism Ranks 14th Worldwide in 2016

Panos - Aug 24, 2017

Recession-battered and bailout-dependent Greece has managed to attract up to nine million more tourists (not counting cruise ship arrivals) over the past five years, bringing the country…

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10 authentic adventures that reveal the real heart of Greece

Panos - Aug 09, 2017

Sail through remote islands, trek to remote mountain tops, learn to cook authentic Greek food... These incredible trip ideas will help you get to know the Greece…

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Reuters: Tourism projects hit trouble in Greece

Panos - Aug 04, 2017

New York property developer Mike Angeliades has wanted to create a golf resort in his native Greece for quarter of a century. But just when the plan…

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Encouraging H1 2017 tourism figures; ‘all-inclusive’ hotels 2.2% of total, account for 13.6% of rooms

Panos - Aug 02, 2017

Tourism arrivals to Greece reached 11 million in the first half of 2017, according to figures supplied this week by the Greek Tourism Confederation’s (SETE). Specifically, arrivals…

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The Guardian: Greece to receive 30 million tourists!

Panos - Jul 03, 2017

Greece is expected to receive almost 10 times its population in holidaymakers for 2017, according to Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura, who addressed the Panhellenic Exporters’ Association last…

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FAZ: Greece the winner of tourism

Panos - Jun 27, 2017

The latest of a series of positive articles on Greek tourism from Germany comes from Frakfurter Allgemeine (FAZ). In an extensive piece that focuses on the top…

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Bloomberg: Number of Chinese Tourists Visiting Greece to Rise 10-Fold

Panos - Jun 15, 2017

Fosun International Ltd., the Chinese conglomerate that’s part of a venture to transform the former Athens airport site into one of the biggest real-estate projects in Europe,…

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Spike in increase in Turkish visitors to Samos this spring

Panos - Jun 08, 2017

Turkish tourists to the eastern Aegean island of Samos increased dramatically in April and May 2017, compared to the corresponding period of 2016. Specifically, 2,093 Turkish nationals…

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Cruise tourism industry expects further drop in Greece next year

makis - Apr 03, 2017

The number of cruise passengers passing through Greece is anticipated to drop further next year, according to Panayiotis Kampouroglou, chief executive officer at ICTS Hellas and executive…

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Greece replaces Turkey as Germans’ second choice for holidays

makis - Mar 03, 2017

Summer bookings to Turkey by German holidaymakers are down by more than half after a spate of bombings, with tourists instead heading to Greece and Egypt, according…

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German Tour Operators: Demand for Greece is up

Panos - Feb 24, 2017

Bookings show an increased demand of Greece in summer, say German tour operators. According to Deutsche Welle, Germany’s largest tour operator, TUI registered a 4% increase in…

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September arrivals hugely boost Greek tourism, numbers show

Panos - Oct 12, 2016

According to data released by the Greek Tourist Organisation (SETE), international arrivals to Greek airports “soared” in September, recording a 15% rise compared to last year. The…

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Lesvos visitors at a record low this August

Panos - Sep 06, 2016

Mytilini airport data showed on Monday that last month was the worst August on record for Lesvos tourism. The island that has been flooded with refugees and…

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Late bookings fuel tourism expectations

Panos - Aug 22, 2016

An increase in last-minute reservations since July could push revenues from tourism past 10 billion euros in the second half of 2016 and give a much-needed boost…

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“30,000 inspections will be carried out this tourist season”

makis - Aug 02, 2016

The General Secretary of Public Revenue Giorgos Pitsilis has announced that about 30,000 audits are scheduled to be carried out during this tourist season, in an effort…

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Course of tourism revenues becomes unpredictable

makis - Jul 25, 2016

Germany and Britain are Greece’s biggest tourist markets, but tourist spending patterns might be worrying. Bank of Greece data for May showed tourism earnings down 10.4 percent…

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Deficit grows in May due to drop in exports and tourism

makis - Jul 21, 2016

The Bank of Greece has published its latest report on the balance of payments for May 2016, which show that the current account deficit increased to 412…

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SETE: How will Brexit affect Greek tourism

Panos - Jul 04, 2016

The United Kingdom’s vote for Brexit has created new conditions for Greek tourism, according to the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE). SETE said in an announcement on Monday…

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Greece worried about impact of UK vote on tourism

Panos - Jun 24, 2016

The outcome of Britain’s vote on membership of the European Union could have a negative impact on Greece’s tourism industry, an official warned Friday. Andreas Andreas, head…