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Mycenaean-era tomb, the size of a small house, discovered in central Greece

Panos - Sep 19, 2017

Archaeologists discovered an undisturbed Mycenaean-era tomb, one of the biggest of its type, in the south-central town of Orchomenos. The chamber-like tomb, which is reported to be…

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Large Mycenaean-era engraved tomb discovered in south-central Greece

Panos - Sep 12, 2017

One of the biggest Mycenaean-era engraved tombs discovered in recent decades has been pinpointed near the south-central Greece town of Orhomenos, the modern-day placename for the ancient…

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Mycenaean Tombs Discovered in Nemea Excavations

Panos - Aug 30, 2017

New burial monuments were unearthed and studied during the second period of the ongoing excavation in Nemea, which was completed on July 29, according to the Greek…

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Geometric-era tomb unearthed on Aegean island of Lesvos

Sokratis - Mar 05, 2016

An intact tomb of a woman dated to the 8th century BC was unearthed on Friday on the island of Lesvos during construction work by local authorities…