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Thessaloniki hosts the largest Christmas manger in Europe
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Thessaloniki hosts the largest Christmas manger in Europe

Panos - Dec 14, 2020

Thessaloniki hosts the largest Christmas manger in Europe, framed by the impressive palace of King Herod and the archangel Gabriel who offers the lily to the Virgin.…

Lockdown in Thessaloniki from tonight – Health Minister Kikilias: “The epidemic is spreading rapidly”
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Lockdown in Thessaloniki from tonight – Health Minister Kikilias: “The epidemic is spreading rapidly”

Panos - Nov 02, 2020

Thessaloniki, Greece‘s second biggest city is in Red Alert as the coronavirus is spreading among the population and sending dozens of seriously ill patients to hospitals. The dynamics of the…

Six-storey building to be converted to luxury hotel in Thessaloniki
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Six-storey building to be converted to luxury hotel in Thessaloniki

Panos - Dec 24, 2019

A 6-storey building will be reportedly converted into a luxury hotel unit in Thessaloniki after the City Hall granted a company the relevant licenses. According to information,…

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Thessaloniki in complete lockdown with FBI agents aiding Greek police in security measures

Panos - Sep 07, 2018

Security measures at the weekend’s trade fair in Thessaloniki will be unprecedented with police presence being beefed up, especially on Saturday when Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is…

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Flydubai inaugurates route linking Dubai with Thessaloniki

Panos - Jun 28, 2018

Commercial ties between Greece and the UAE are continuing to rise, as more than 170 Greek companies are now registered with Dubai's chamber of commerce, whereas bilateral…

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Unbelievable problems by downpour in Thessaloniki!

makis - May 10, 2018

The fire brigade in Thessaloniki had received more than 300 calls for assistance by Thursday afternoon, following a heavy thunderstorm accompanied by hail that broke out in…

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Continuing problems with water supply in Thessaloniki area an embarrassment for Tsipras govt

Panos - Apr 02, 2018

Efforts were continuing on Sunday to restore the water supply to the greater Thessaloniki urban area, days after the tap dried up in the metropolis, the second…

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Glorious ancient past of Thessaloniki unearthed

Panos - Feb 28, 2018

Significant archaeological finds are being unearthed almost on a daily basis from the excavations for the Thessaloniki Metro. The findings highlighting the glorious ancient past of the…

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Ten Things to Do in Thessaloniki

Panos - Feb 09, 2018

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, with more than a million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. It is also the capital of Macedonia and the…

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Thessaloniki: The glorious heart of Northern Greece

Panos - Dec 11, 2017

Thessaloniki. A name that conjured up an exotic ancient place that was in my imagination for years. This is Greece’s second city with all its antiquity now…

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Tsipras & Mitsotakis will be in Thessaloniki for a series of meetings

makis - Aug 24, 2017

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will work from his office in Thessaloniki on Saturday, where he will meet with representatives of the city’s Chambers, his office said on…

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Thessaloniki, a culinary paradise!

Panos - Aug 02, 2017

Thessaloniki’s cuisine is widely known for its quality and variety. As the formation of the overall culture of the city came under many influences, Thessaloniki’s cuisine is…

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New Greek-Russian chamber commerce, business to be based in Thessaloniki

Panos - Jun 15, 2017

A new Greek-Russian chamber of commerce, based in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, is expected to begin operation in the coming period. The new chamber is…

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Last buses in Athens and Thessaloniki to start at 10 p.m.

Sokratis - Apr 15, 2017

Buses and trolley buses in the Greek capital and in the northern port city of Thessaloniki will start their final runs at 10 p.m. on Saturday in…

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TAIPED calls for improved Thessaloniki Port bids

makis - Apr 07, 2017

Greece’s privatization agency (TAIPED) asked on Friday for improved financial bids from short-listed investors seeking to buy a majority stake in its second-largest port. TAIPED got three…

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Hit-and-run motorcyclist rams baby stroller in Thessaloniki

makis - Mar 30, 2017

Police in Thessaloniki were seeking a motorcyclist who veered into a stroller in the neighborhood of Xirokrini on Thursday afternoon, leaving the toddler inside the buggy with…

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Thessaloniki pharmacist chief warns of medicine shortages

makis - Mar 27, 2017

The Thessaloniki Pharmacists’ Association on Monday warned of serious shortages in a number of important drugs, claiming that each pharmacy on its register sends away an average…

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French giant CMA CGM to join race for Thessaloniki Port stake

makis - Mar 03, 2017

The interest of the world’s third biggest container shipping company in a 67 percent stake in Thessaloniki Port Authority (OLTH) has created fresh momentum in the project.…

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Pensioner shoots lawyer in Thessaloniki

makis - Feb 23, 2017

A 70-year-old pensioner shot his lawyer in the latter’s Thessaloniki office on Thursday, with the victim currently undergoing surgery at a hospital in the northern port city.…

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Thessaloniki metro ready in 2020, says Transport Min Spirtzis

Panos - Feb 03, 2017

The completion of the opening of the first tunnel on Thessaloniki's main metro line is a proof that progress has been made, Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis said…