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Authorities Suspend Business Licenses on Mykonos and Paros for Tax Evasion

Panos - May 29, 2018

Tax authorities suspended the licenses of businesses across Greece after audits showed blatant cases of tax evasion, reported the Athens News Agency. On Mykonos, authorities confiscated the…

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Greeks struggle to pay over 2.5 billion euros in taxes starting Friday!

makis - Sep 29, 2017

Over 7 million Greek taxpayers will be called upon to pay around 2.5 billion euros starting Friday. September 29 is the deadline for the payment of the…

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Greeks cut back on energy and food to pay taxes

Panos - Aug 23, 2017

Greek households used 56 million litres less petrol during the first six months of the year, according to data from the Ministry for Environment, while the annual…

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Sweeping indirect taxes to achieve primary surplus

makis - Jun 19, 2017

Greece will have to raise indirect taxes to the tune of 3.5 billion euros annually from the current fiscal year in order to achieve the 3.5% primary…

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OECD report: Greeks pay highest taxes

makis - Apr 11, 2017

Greek citizens paid the highest tax rates among all 35 OECD countries in 2016, according to a report released. The data, focusing on the tax wages of…

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Church of Greece pays 3.5 million euros in taxes

Sokratis - Aug 20, 2016

The Church of Greece has announced that it paid 3.5 million euros in taxes this year. It also said it suffered losses of 1.5 million euros after…

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Greek citizens to pay 23.3 billion Euros in next months in taxes

makis - Aug 17, 2016

Hundreds of thousands of Greek taxpayers will be forced to pay a total of 23.3 billion Euros over the next few months, either in the form of…

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Firms fleeing high taxes to face inspections

Sokratis - Aug 13, 2016

Tax authorities are to begin more intensive checks on companies registered in Bulgaria and Cyprus but which are owned by Greeks to see if they are actually…

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Consumption taxes on tobacco and alcohol costing the state

Panos - Jun 14, 2016

Higher taxes on alcohol and tobacco have led to reduced state revenues and illegal smuggling. The imposition of the special consumption tax (EFKOP) has prompted consumers to…

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IMF urges fixed rates for Greece, longer grace period, maturities

ilias1 - May 22, 2016

The International Monetary Fund would like euro zone countries to extend the grace period on all their loans to Greece until 2040 and their maturities to 2080…

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Thousands take to streets in Greece ahead of reform vote

chris1 - May 08, 2016

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Athens on Sunday as Greece’s parliament prepared to vote on a controversial tax and pensions overhaul which has sparked…

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Stathakis: “€3.6bn worth of measures will be implemented immediately”

ilias1 - Apr 03, 2016

The Minister of Economy Giorgos Stathakis revealed that 3.6 billion euros worth of measures, from the 5.4 billions agreed with the institutions, will be implemented immediately. The…

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Greek industry body recommends 20 pct tax on large investments‏

ilias1 - Apr 02, 2016

The Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) on Wednesday recommended a cut in the taxation of large investments to 20 pct and expanding the option of offsetting losses…

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Half of Greek taxpayers declared an income under 5,000 euros in 2015

ilias1 - Feb 26, 2016

The General Secretariat of Public Revenue published its data regarding taxes and found that about 3% of tax-payers who declare an income above 30,000 euros pay 42%…

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Considerations for a retroactive tax of income declared for 2015

ilias1 - Feb 20, 2016

The government is debating whether to introduce new rates for the solidarity tax, by raising the ceiling from 8% to 10%, as well as setting the maximum…

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Changes to property values to affect taxes and benefits

makis - Jan 05, 2016

It has been almost 9 years since the last time taxable property values changed, however the Alternate Minister of Finances Tryfon Alexiadis is expected to soon announce…

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Moscovici: “Combat tax evasion to reduce taxes on income”

ilias1 - Jan 04, 2016

The European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs Pierre Moscovici urged Greek authorities to combat tax evasion, in order to reduce taxes on income.…