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Tax statement submission deadline extended to July 29
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Tax statement submission deadline extended to July 29

Panos - Jun 19, 2020

The Ministry of Finance has extended the deadline for Greek citizens to file their tax statements for the fiscal year 2019 until July 29. In an official…

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Extension till September for 120 tax installments

Panos - Jun 04, 2019

The Greek government has extended the deadline for Greek taxpayers and businesses to apply for inclusion in a plan allowing them to pay arrears to the Tax…

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Deadline for submitting tax returns in Greece extended to July 29; 2.2 mln already filed

Panos - Jun 04, 2019

Greek tax authorities have extended the deadline for submitting returns – for fiscal 2018 – with the pushed back date being July 29. The new deadline affects…

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Greek taxpayers paid 8.328 billion euros in taxes in 2018

Panos - Mar 22, 2019

A total of 8,907,722 Greek taxpayers paid 8.328 billion euros in taxes in 2018 on declared income of 73.612 billion euros, official figures showed on Thursday. The…

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30 bln€ in new arrears to Greek tax bureau between 2015-18

Panos - Feb 19, 2019

Tax arrears in Greece over the last four years increased by roughly 30 billion euros, despite the fact that the Independent Public Revenues Authority collected up to…

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Greek tax bureau eyes ‘Portuguese model’ to track down undeclared income from Airbnb-type leasings

Panos - Dec 18, 2018

Greece independent public revenues authority is reportedly ready to employ the "Portuguese model" for locating property owners that lease dwellings via various online platforms but who don't…

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45% tax on retroactively returned pension benefits to 110K beneficiaries

Panos - Dec 11, 2018

Tax deductions of up to 45 percent will be imposed on pension benefits retroactively returned to more than 110,000 retirees this month - to beneficiaries that were…

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“Apodixi please”

makis - Aug 13, 2018

Greece is serious in trying to win the and tax evasion and launched a campaign to “train” the tourists that visit the country on how they can…

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Three out of 10 households in Greece to pay more income tax, beyond declared taxable income

Panos - Jul 30, 2018

Three out of 10 Greek households that submitted a tax return for incomes generated in 2017 - amid a looming deadline this week - will be called…

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First deadlines for 2018 ‘tax tsunami’ in Greece begins this month

Panos - Jul 02, 2018

A "tax tsunami" agreed to in 2016 and unleashed in Greece last year - an integral part of the Tsipras government's "road map" to meet creditors' memorandum-mandated…

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Readjusted objective tax criteria for property in Greece cited in Commission’s positive compliance report

Panos - Jun 21, 2018

Readjusted objective tax criteria for real estate are on the agenda in Greece for 2019 and 2020, with the aim being a harmonization of commercial rates with…

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Greek government imposes 2% tax on smartphones, PCs, tablets and laptops

Panos - May 16, 2018

The Greek government brought in an amendment late last night in parliament confirming the imposition of a one-off “reasonable fee” of 2% on devices for intellectual property…

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Almost 4 million Greeks in debt to tax authorities!

makis - May 04, 2018

Almost 4,000,000 Greeks are in debt to the tax authorities, with more than 1,5 million in the process of forced seizure. In March 2018, overdue debts to…

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Tax inspectors log numerous violations over weekend

Panos - Apr 23, 2018

Tax inspectors apparently put in overtime work over the weekend in Greece, with two-day closures of various businesses imposed after tax violations were reportedly ascertained. Violations were…

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Authorities to suspend individual tax codes for evasion, forged figures

Panos - Jan 10, 2018

One provision in an omnibus draft bill, tabled to Parliament on Tuesday, foresees the suspension of a taxpayer or business' individual tax code for instances of tax…

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Eurostat: Greece has highest tax rises in EU

makis - Dec 11, 2017

Greece recorded the highest rise among all countries in taxation increases with a 2.3% hike between 2015 and 2016. Romania, Austria, and Belgium were the champions in…

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Taxes, Transport Costs Force Closure of Historic Cosmetics Company in Chios

Panos - Nov 13, 2017

A historic cosmetics company at the island of Chios, Greece has decided to close its operations and move elsewhere, citing rocketing transport costs and heavy taxation. Mastic…

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Tax offenders before 2006 in the clear, according to gov’t circular

makis - Sep 19, 2017

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue issued a circular on Monday that effectively ends the hostage status of tens of thousands of taxpayers and enterprises over past…

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OECD: Greece the only country to raise VAT in 2016

Panos - Sep 14, 2017

Tax Policy Reform report showed Greece had the highest rate of social security contributions Greece is the only member of the nations in the Organisation for Economic…

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Suspended surplus value tax on real estate transactions set for re-imposition next year

Panos - Aug 10, 2017

A suspended surplus value tax on property transactions is scheduled to resume as of Jan. 1, 2018, a negative development for Greece's still depressed real estate market.…