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State minister’s 2013 Venezuela trip under scrutiny

makis - Apr 03, 2017

Main opposition party New Democracy has submitted a question in Parliament to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Minister of State Nikos Pappas concerning a 2013 trip made…

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State recoups 4.3 million euros from defense deal kickback

makis - Feb 17, 2017

The Greek state has recouped 4.3 million euros that was pocketed by a businessman alleged to have taken kickbacks from a defense procurement deal, Justice Minister Stavros…

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State could lose all of its investment in banks

makis - Jan 04, 2017

The Greek state is close to losing the 25 billion euros it paid to save the Greek banking system, as the bank warrants issued during the first…

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State takes steps for the operation of crematoria in Greece

makis - Nov 11, 2016

The Ministry of Environment is said to have prepared a joint ministerial decision for the creation of crematoria in Greece, however the recent cabinet reshuffle has delayed…

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Two priests sentenced for embezzling 930,000 euros from state

Sokratis - Nov 05, 2016

Two priests in Farsala, central Greece, have been sentenced to 18 and six years behind bars respectively, after they were found guilty of embezzling 930,000 euros from…

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State Council accepts injuctions against TV licensing law

makis - Oct 20, 2016

The Council of State plenum will meet on the 24th and 26th October to debate and decide on the constitutionality and legality of the government’s controversial television…

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State Council convenes to debate TV licenses on Tuesday

makis - Oct 19, 2016

The Council of State will hold its third session to debate the appeals of television channels against a recent auction of television broadcasting licenses behind closed doors…

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State resorts to confiscation of bank deposits and properties of debtors

Sokratis - Jul 09, 2016

The state is carrying out a blitz of confiscations, with tax authorities and social security funds targeting the small amounts left in Greeks’ bank accounts, as well…

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State Council will “not give into pressure” on TV licenses tender

makis - Jul 04, 2016

The President of the Council of State Nikolaos Sakellariou underlined that the judges will not be pressured or influenced in examining a series of appeals against the…

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State budget net revenue 10.4% above targets in January

makis - Feb 15, 2016

The Ministry of Finances has announced that the State budget net revenue totaled 4.219 billion euros in January, up 10.4% from targets, while regular budget net revenue…