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Schaeuble ‘would not have wanted’ Greek-style reforms for Germany

Panos - Oct 25, 2017

Germany's hardline former finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Wednesday said he would have dreaded imposing on his country austerity measures like the ones he helped design for…

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Schaeuble: Greece will soon be in a position to borrow from markets

Panos - Oct 23, 2017

Outgoing German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was uncharacteristically positive in his recent comments regarding Greece, saying the country is on a "good path" and that critics' pessimistic…

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BoG Gov. Stournaras: Schaeuble a ‘strong personality’

Panos - Oct 10, 2017

Greece's central banker referred to a "strong personality" in describing outgoing German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Monday, as the influential politician is set to step down…

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Debt cut for Greece not on agenda for now, Germany’s Schaeuble says

Panos - Aug 29, 2017

Greece must press ahead with implementing its reforms-for-aid program and become more competitive, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was quoted as saying, adding that debt relief for…

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Schaeuble: The rules of the game cannot change

makis - May 25, 2017

According to the transcripts from the recent Eurogroup that the website euro2day.gr reveals, Wolfgang Schaeuble said during the meeting: “Let us not have delusions. This is a…

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Schaeuble says ‘won’t work’ if Greece doesn’t fulfil commitments

makis - Feb 03, 2017

Greece must meet commitments it has made under its international bailout plans or else it will end up in an impossible position, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble…

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Schaeuble comments on possible IMF exit spur debate

Sokratis - Jan 14, 2017

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble’s suggestion in comments to a German newspaper that the potential withdrawal of the International Monetary Fund could necessitate a renegotiation of Greece’s bailout…

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Polls or parliamentary vote on table as pressure mounts for more austerity

chris1 - Dec 11, 2016

As it became abundantly clear in the aftermath of last Monday’s Eurogroup, any deal Athens strikes with the country’s international creditors that includes the participation of the…

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German lawmakers vote in favor of releasing next aid tranche, Schaeuble upbeat on Greece

Sokratis - Jun 11, 2016

The German parliament's budget committee on Friday voted in favor of releasing the next tranche of aid to Greece from the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) rescue fund,…

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Greece winning back market trust, Schaeuble says

Sokratis - Jun 11, 2016

Greece has implemented most of the reforms demanded by creditors, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was reported as saying Friday, adding that the debt-hit country was gradually…

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Schäuble estimates that Greece is regaining market trust

Panos - Jun 10, 2016

The German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble argued that the Greek government is regaining the trust of the markets. The statement came shortly after the German parliament…

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German FinMin Schaeuble feels more optimistic over Greek economic recovery

Panos - May 30, 2016

Greece is recovering faster than expected, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Monday (30/05) and expressed his optimism over the country's prospects. Schaeuble, who was speaking…

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Schaeuble: We are trying to resolve Greek crisis

makis - May 19, 2016

The high level of volatility and nervousness of the market is not justified by the current economic situation, said German Finance Minister Wolfang Schaeuble, as Reuters reports.…

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Schäuble: Thursday’s emergency Eurogroup remains uncertain

Panos - Apr 26, 2016

The German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble commented that it is not yet clear whether an emergency Eurogroup meeting will take place on Thursday. Mr. Schäuble made…

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German FinMin Schauble repeats no debt relief for Greece

chris1 - Apr 17, 2016

German Minister Wolfgang Schauble remained resolute in his position that there will be no restructuring for the Greek debt. The German Minister added that he wants a…

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Schaeuble said must find option if Greece can’t cut pensions

ilias1 - Mar 26, 2016

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Wednesday alternatives must be found if Greece cannot deliver on pension reforms as Athens aims to complete a first review…

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Greece needs support with refugee crisis, Schaeuble says in London

Panos - Mar 04, 2016

Greece needs additional support to cope with the challenges posed by the refugee crisis but that does not mean that it can relax efforts to reform and…

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Schaeuble’s Grexit comment provokes reaction in Athens

Panos - Feb 05, 2016

Comments by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on Wednesday, which appeared to suggest Greece would have to leave the euro to recover, were taken out of context,…

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Schaeuble: Greeks would have suffered only once because of Grexit

Panos - Feb 04, 2016

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble brought up indirectly the Grexit issue speaking at an event in Hamburg. Mr. Schaeuble expressed the view that Greeks would have suffered…

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Schaeuble: Greece making ‘significant efforts’

makis - Jan 14, 2016

The Greek government is making significant efforts, while the delay in conducting the first review of the Greek programme was "understandable", German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said…