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“We will embrace the children of refugees as if they were our own”

makis - Sep 15, 2016

The controversial statement issued by the parents and guardians association of the primary school in Oreokastro has sparked major controversy, however the association of the school in…

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Over 60,000 refugees in Greece – 183 new arrivals in past 24 hours

makis - Sep 13, 2016

The Refugee Crisis Management Coordination Body's has announced that there are over 60,000 refugees and migrants in Greece on Tuesday, based on its latest count. In the…

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About 10,000 refugees are ‘trapped’ on the Greek islands

makis - Aug 10, 2016

According to the latest statement issued by the Refugee Crisis Management Coordination Body there are a total of 10,042 refugees on the islands in the eastern Aegean,…

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Coast Guard succesfully concludes search for refugees off Lesvos

makis - Aug 04, 2016

A search and rescue operation was launched on Thursday morning about two miles off the coast of Lesvos, after their boat appears to have turned over, has…

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UNHCR speaks of a ‘de facto suspension’ of the EU-Turkey deal

makis - Aug 02, 2016

The head of the UNHCR’s European office Vincent Cochetel expressed his doubts and concerns over the EU-Turkey agreement on immigration, following the failed coup in the country.…

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Coast Guard: About 100 migrants and refugees arrive on Lesvos

makis - Jul 22, 2016

Two boats carrying about 100 migrants and refugees arrived from Turkey on the island of Lesvos on Friday. In the past 10 days about 430 migrants and…

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Refugees on Lesvos want to be allowed leave the island

makis - May 16, 2016

Tens of Iraqis and Syrians gathered in the central square of Mytilene on Lesvos late on Sunday afternoon, to protest that they are refugees and not criminals.…

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Coast Guard rescues 74 refugees off Lesvos and Farmakonisi

makis - May 09, 2016

Over the past three days the Coast carried out two search and rescue operations in the Aegean, rescuing a total of 74 people. The two search and…

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German NGO to fund facility for refugees in northern Greece

makis - May 06, 2016

Plans are afoot for the creation of a new reception center for refugees near Thermi, east of Thessaloniki, funded by a German nongovernmental organization, Kathimerini understands. Representatives…

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Greek-Australians in Brisbane send one ton of items for refugees

makis - Apr 18, 2016

The Greek Orthodox Community of Brisbane in Australia has gathered a ton of different basic home items and clothes for the refugees in Greece and plans to…

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Refugees dive in polluted Piraeus waters to bathe

makis - Mar 21, 2016

It has come to light that several refugees and illegal immigrants have been diving into the sea at the Piraeus port, despite warnings from Greek port authorities…

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Refugees trapped in Greece protest at port

makis - Mar 17, 2016

Refugees trapped in Greece have held peaceful protests in the country's main port, demanding that European countries open their borders to let them reach the continent's prosperous…

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Merkel says history won’t judge kindly if EU fails refugees

makis - Mar 09, 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said history will judge Europe harshly unless its countries share the burden of accepting refugees, taking aim at Hungary and Slovakia for refusing…

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Over 12,500 refugees remain stranded at the border in Idomeni

makis - Mar 04, 2016

The situation on the border with FYROM in Idomeni is growing worse, as there are now over 12,500 refugees waiting to cross over. Authorities estimate that there…

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Two refugees die from hypothermia during their trip to Greece

makis - Jan 20, 2016

Two deaths were reported in two incidents involving refugees and migrants north of Lesvos island on Wednesday. A five-year-old child died when the boat it was on…