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Greece submits request to EU Commission for return of foreign nationals to Turkey
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Greece submits request to EU Commission for return of foreign nationals to Turkey

Panos - Jan 15, 2021

The migration and asylum ministry on Thursday announced that it has submitted a request to the European Commission and the EU border agency Frontex for the immediate…

“There is no future”: The refugees who became pawns in Erdogan’s game
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“There is no future”: The refugees who became pawns in Erdogan’s game

Panos - May 11, 2020

At the beginning of March, thousands of refugees gathered in the shadow of the Pazarkule border gate in Turkey after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said he would…

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Greek asylum to refugees “not indefinite” and reversible

Panos - Feb 11, 2020

Greece will only grant refugee protection for three years as it struggles to integrate foreigners, the conservative government’s migration minister Notis Mitarakis said in remarks published Sunday…

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252 refugees and illegal immigrants arrive in Greece in one day

Panos - Dec 18, 2019

The flows of refugees and illegal immigrants towards Greece continue unabated via the routes established by illegal human trafficking rings which have been left unchecked by the…

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47 refugees-illegal immigrants rescued in Samos

Panos - Dec 12, 2019

The Greek Coast Guard rescued and collected a total of 47 immigrants and refugees during search and rescue operations that were carried out in Samos in the…

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Municipal council of Kos against creation of pre-departure centre on the island

Panos - Dec 04, 2019

The municipal council of Kos has passed a resolution opposing the creation of a closed pre-departure centre for migrants on the island. "We ask for the support…

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A total of 730 migrants and refugees arrived on the Greek islands while 658 more were rescued

Panos - Nov 19, 2019

The rescues took place in the sea off the coast of Alexandroupolis, on mainland Greece, and around the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Farmakonissi, Kos and Megisti.…

Refugees and illegal immigrants camp outside Greek parliament
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Refugees and illegal immigrants camp outside Greek parliament

makis - Apr 19, 2019

Refugees and illegal immigrants have camped outside the Greek parliament at Syntagma Square in Athens. The illegal immigrants and refugees, predominantly from Afghanistan and Iraq moved into…

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236 refugees arrive in Lesvos and Chios

Panos - Jan 29, 2019

A total of 236 refugees and illegal immigrants arrived on the islands of Lesvos and Chios. They reached on six boats, three of which landed in Lesvos…

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Number of refugees & illegal immigrants to Greece up by 40% in 2018, data shows

Panos - Jan 09, 2019

Illegal immigrants and refugee flows from Turkey to Greece was almost 40% higher in 2018 compared to 2017, according to Frontex and the International Organisation for Migration…

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Turks fleeing Erdogan fuel new influx of refugees to Greece

makis - Dec 03, 2018

In the dead of night, Yunuz Cagar and his wife Cansu gave their baby some herbal tea to help her sleep, donned backpacks and followed smugglers on…

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Children face sexual abuse at Greek refugee camp

Panos - Oct 15, 2018

hen the sun disappears each day at Greece’s largest refugee camp, so too do the women and children who live there. Taking refuge in their tents and…

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Majority of Greeks (69%) are in favour receiving refugees, Pew study shows

Panos - Sep 20, 2018

Although 92% of Greeks are critical of the European Union’s handling of the refugee crisis, about 7 out of 10 (69%) are in favour of receiving refugees,…

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NGO members on Lesvos suspected of facilitating illegal entry of 3rd country nationals, collusion with migrant smugglers

Panos - Aug 29, 2018

Police authorities on the island of Lesvos (Mytilene), which has borne the brunt of a migrant/refugee crisis in the eastern Aegean since 2015, have reportedly targeted 30…

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Refugee flows on the rise as weather improves

Panos - May 07, 2018

Local authorities and residents on the eastern Aegean islands of Greece are concerned as migrant flows have started to rise again as summer approaches. From May 1st,…

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Violence on Lesvos between Third World asylum seekers, local residents; police clear square

Panos - Apr 23, 2018

Riot police in the early morning hours of Monday cleared the central square of Mytilene, the capital of the large eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, of third…

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EU fear refugee “influx” after Greek high Court ruling allowing them free movement

Panos - Apr 20, 2018

The ruling by the Greek Council of State (Cos) to allow free and unrestricted movement of refugees and immigrants arriving in the country from April 17 onwards…

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Greece to receive extra €180 million in migrant aid

Panos - Apr 04, 2018

Greece is set to receive an extra €180 million (AU$288.3 million) in migrant aid from the European Commission for aid projects. Announced on Monday, the funds will…

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EU sources: Aid to Greece for refugee/migrant crisis up to 1.5 bln€ up to 2018

Panos - Mar 26, 2018

The European Union has so far allocated roughly 1.5 billion euros towards managing irregular migrant and refugee flows targeting Greece from neighboring Turkey and other third countries,…

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Three Spanish firefighters accused of trafficking people in Lesbos

Panos - Mar 07, 2018

Manuel Blanco, Julio Latorre, and Enrique Rodriguez, three firefighters from Seville, Spain, who have helped out in multiple refugee rescue missions on the Greek island of Lesbos,…