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Prespa Agreement “sinks” SYRIZA in Macedonia

Panos - May 29, 2019

The prediction by political analysts and pundits that SYRIZA would incur a serious blow in its support in the region of Macedonia in the European Elections after…

Majority of Greeks oppose Prespa Agreement, latest poll shows
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Majority of Greeks oppose Prespa Agreement, latest poll shows

Panos - Mar 26, 2019

A large majority of Greeks responded negatively to the question of whether they agree with the Prespa Agreement, according to a poll conducted by Metron Analysis for…

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Τop US diplomat in Athens: Prespa deal’s implementation won’t be easy

Panos - Feb 28, 2019

US Deputy Assistant Secretary Matthew Palmer, in Athens on Wednesday, told reporters that application of the recently ratified Prespa agreement – normalizing relations between Greece and the…

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Vote for Prespa pact ratification on Fri.

Panos - Jan 25, 2019

Α crucial vote for ratification of the Prespa agreement has been bumped to Friday at 2:30 p.m. local time, with debate on Thursday to expected to end…

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Bitter political clashes erupt over responsibility, perpetrators of violence at anti-Prespa pact rally on Sun.

Panos - Jan 22, 2019

Fallout continued on Monday over the previous day’s mass rally in downtown Athens against the Prespa agreement, with the leftist Tsipras government pointing to “far right” elements…

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ources: Tsipras govt intent on tabling Prespa accord to parliament for ratification on Fri. or Sat

Panos - Jan 16, 2019

The Tsipras government aims to submit the provisional Prespa agreement to Parliament for ratification immediately after Wednesday’s vote of confidence, according to reliable reports. The agreement will…