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PPC to implement discounts on electricity rates

Panos - Oct 22, 2019

The Public Power Corporation (PPC) has been preparing an aggressive commercial policy with a new model of discounts on electricity as of 2020. The programme concerns consumers…

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PPC announces Q1 2019 losses of 205.1 mln€; utility counters that results do not include recent rebates of 121.2 mln€

Panos - Jul 01, 2019

The Public Power Corp. (PPC) on Friday reported first quarter 2019 losses of 205.1 million euros, after taxes, an increasingly poor performance by Greece's dominant electricity utility.…

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Greece’s PPC pushes back power plants bid deadline because of snap elections

Panos - May 28, 2019

Greece’s electricity utility PPC has pushed back by more than a month a deadline for binding bids for three coal-fired power plants it is selling under a…

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PPC CEO doesn’t rule out rate hikes

Panos - Feb 12, 2019

The head of Greece’s state-run Public Power Corp. (PPC), the dominant electricity provider in the country, on Monday did not rule out rate hikes. PPC president and…

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Government faced with serious moral and political questions after convicted PPC head remains in post

makis - Sep 10, 2018

The Greek government is faced with a major issue of moral and political implications after the President and CEO of the Public Power Corporation (PPC), Emmanuel Panagiotakis,…

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PPC union calls strike in protest to proposed sell-off of four units

Panos - Apr 24, 2018

The powerful union (GENOP-DEI) representing workers at Greece's one-time electricity monopoly, the Public Power Corp. (PPC), commenced roll-over 448 strikes on Sunday evening in protest over the…

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Govt sends list of lignite-fired power units up for sale

Panos - Jul 20, 2017

Greece's environment and energy ministry has reportedly submitted a list to the EU Commission's competition directorate (DG Comp.) of Public Power Corp. (PPC) lignite-fired units that will…

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Power utility PPC to compile list of units up for sale; autumn market test cited

Panos - Jun 20, 2017

Greece's state-run and dominant power utility (PPC) will reportedly announce the lignite-fired units that it will place on the selling block in a matter of weeks, with…

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PPC gets initial approval for 200 mln euro loan

makis - Mar 01, 2017

Greece's power utility Public Power Corp. secured initial approval for a 200 million euro ($210.5 million) bank loan by the country's main lenders, it said on Wednesday.…

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PPC approves ADMIE spin-off

makis - Jan 18, 2017

Shareholders of Greece’s electricity utility Public Power Corporation (PPC) approved late on Tuesday the transfer of a 51 percent stake in the power grid operator ADMIE, part…

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Deadline for binding offers for stake in power grid operator extended by one week

Panos - Oct 12, 2016

A deadline for submission of binding offers for a 24-percent stake in Greece’s state-controlled Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO or ADMIE) S.A. was postponed for one week,…

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1,8 debtors struggle to pay their power and water bills

Panos - Sep 26, 2016

Millions of debtors in Greece will face a power outage and a water service interruption if they don’t make a settlement payment until the 30th of September,…

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Government “gives away” DEH and EYDAP to Greece’s lenders

Panos - Sep 23, 2016

A new multi- bill featuring some of the so-called prior actions that Greece must implement to unlock the next tranche of 2.8 billion Euros in rescue loans…

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PPC discount for consistent consumers comes into effect

Panos - Jul 01, 2016

A 15 percent rate cut by Greece’s main electricity utility, Public Power Corporation (PPC), for consistent domestic and corporate consumers came into effect Friday. The discount, which…

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PPC cites power increase from hydro plants

Panos - Mar 24, 2016

The state-run Public Power Corp. (PPC) said power generation from hydroelectric has increased by 0.34 percent due to increased water flows over the recent period. According to…

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PPC head supports expansion in new markets, cooperation‏

Panos - Jan 26, 2016

Public Power Corporation’s chairman and chief executive Emmanouel Panagiotakis on Monday said he was in favor of plans to expand in new markets and forging business cooperation…