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Fewer credit cards, higher annual spending per card, according to Bank of Greece

Panos - Jul 18, 2017

Bank of Greece (BoG) figures this week showed that the number of credit cards issued by Greek banks dropped to 2.6 million in 2016, down by roughly…

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1,000€ fine for stores without sign on e-transactions; list with occupations requiring POS terminal pending

Panos - Feb 01, 2017

A newly passed legal provision obliges store owners to place a sign in a visible location near their cash registers in order to inform consumers whether or…

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All restaurants, plumbers, electricians to take plastic

makis - Jan 17, 2017

Plumbers, electricians, bars, restaurants and cafeterias are among the professional groups that will be forced to install card terminals and start accepting credit and debit card payments…

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Value of card transactions, POS terminals double within a year

Sokratis - Jul 30, 2016

“A few days ago we installed a card terminal (POS) to meet rising demand for payments in plastic money. Many of our customers considered it a prerequisite…