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Traffic police in Greece crackdown on drivers using cell phones while driving

Panos - Mar 27, 2019

Hundreds of traffic tickets to drivers in Greece were issued over just a one-week period (March 18-24) for a violation that has increasingly become a scourge on…

Attacks by hooded groups against Greek police and general lawlessness causes political feud
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Attacks by hooded groups against Greek police and general lawlessness causes political feud

Panos - Mar 04, 2019

The recent attacks by organised anarchist groups and masked hooligans against police stations in Athens and Thessaloniki have become a major point of political contention with opposition…

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Albanian shot dead in gunfight with Greek police

Panos - Nov 23, 2018

An Albanian national was shot dead and a Greek police officer was slightly injured during a shootout in the village of Vissani, in Ioannina. The gunfight broke…

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Thessaloniki: Migrant Smugglers Caught Using Luxury Cars

Panos - Oct 02, 2018

According to the Hellenic Police, five members of a criminal group that was acting on smuggling illegal migrants who live in Greece were caught in Thessaloniki’s suburb…

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Tossing leaflets outside US ambassador’s residence latest ‘intervention’ by anti-state group

Panos - Oct 01, 2018

Throwing leaflets outside the US ambassador's well-guarded residence in downtown Athens on Sunday while reportedly riding atop motorcycles was the latest "flash intervention" by a notorious self-styled…

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Woman found shot dead in Kifissia

Panos - Sep 20, 2018

A woman was found shot dead in her car in the underground garage of her house on Dagli street in the area of Kifissia, Athens. Police investigations…

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Man Arrested on Suspicion of Setting 9 Wildfires in Greece

Panos - Aug 27, 2018

Greek authorities on Sunday announced the arrest of a 32-year-old man on suspicion of setting nine wildfires in the Dirfys-Messapia municipality in Evia, the last of which…

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Police arrest man trying to steal food designated for victims of fire-stricken areas

Panos - Aug 09, 2018

Greek police arrested two men trying to steal food stored in a warehouse that was designated for the victims of the Attica fire-stricken areas. Officers of the…

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Chinese national arrested in Greece on int’l warrat for online investment scam

Panos - Jul 05, 2018

A 41-year-old Chinese national was arrested on Tuesday in Athens on an international arrest warrant issued by PRC authorities for allegedly running an online platform bilking money…

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Anarchists attack police with molotov bombs over the weekend

Panos - Jun 04, 2018

The continued and coordinated attacks against police officers in Greece have caused widespread criticism for the government’s inability to impose law and order. On Saturday night, a…

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Over 15 millions of illegal cigarettes confiscated by police

Panos - May 22, 2018

Eighteen people have been arrested so far in the framework of police’s financial squad operation on the case of illegal tobacco products which is currently underway. Police…

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Large police operation underway to remove 550 immigrants in Patra

Panos - May 15, 2018

A large police operation is underway in the city of Patra, Peloponesse to move hundreds of immigrants to the police compounds. The concerted police operation is expected…

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Robbers blew up two ATM machines in Athens

Panos - May 14, 2018

In two separate incidents, robbers blew up ATM machines in the early hours of Monday in the wider Athens area. In particular, the perpetrators attacked an ATM…

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Greek police bust large drug ring in Ioannina

Panos - May 04, 2018

The Ioannina subdivision of the Greek Narcotics Squad dismantled a large drug trafficking ring operating in Greece. Following month-long investigations, the drug enforcement authorities arrested 19 members…

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Vandals again target banks in central Athens

Panos - Mar 15, 2018

Masked perpetrators, allegedly belonging to the so-called "anti-establishment" movement, again carried out attacks against banks' storefronts and ATMs in the center of Athens on Wednesday morning. According…

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Greek police arrest 12 amid raids on anarchist squats

Panos - Mar 13, 2018

Greek police raided three anarchist squats in the capital and arrested at least 12 people, local media reported on Monday. Police officers carried out the evacuations of…

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18 foreign nationals arrested for string of attacks, muggings around Acropolis archaeological site

Panos - Mar 09, 2018

Police announced 18 arrests on Thursday related to a string of particularly violent armed robberies and muggings of tourists and passersby around the highly popular Acropolis archaeological…

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Greek neo-Nazis arrested in police crackdown

Panos - Mar 07, 2018

Members of the neo-Nazi group Combat 18 are suspected of attacking migrants and left-wing activists. Police said the ring was planning a major bomb attack. Greek anti-terror…

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Greek police arrest six members of extreme-right criminal group “Combat 18 Hellas”

makis - Mar 06, 2018

Greece’s counter-terrorism squad arrested on Tuesday six men suspected of participating in a far-right criminal group called “Combat 18 Hellas”, and of involvement in arson attacks and…

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Hot pursuit: Car rams police roadblock after driving on the wrong side of highway!

Panos - Mar 05, 2018

A serious incident took place on early Monday morning when a car was spotted driving on the wrong side of the Athens-Lamia highway! A hot pursuit followed…