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Car falls into the sea at the port of Piraeus on Monday

makis - Nov 07, 2016

A car fell into the pot of Piraeus early on Monday morning, with the body of an unidentified man later recovered. According to reports, the car fell…

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Piraeus: 2,680 migrants and refugees remain at the port

makis - Apr 26, 2016

Although the government has increased its efforts to move the migrants and refugees from the port of Piraeus to more suitable accommodation, a total of 2,680 still…

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Chaos at Piraeus: NGOs want to take charge of refugee departure from port

makis - Apr 18, 2016

NGO pro-refugee solidarity groups at the port of Piraeus are obstructing the orderly departure of refugees and migrants to the hotspot of Skaramanga, by attempting to take…

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Refugees in Piraeus and Idomeni refuse to leave the camps

makis - Apr 07, 2016

The Greek government seems unable to handle the current situation in the makeshift camps where refugees and immigrants are determined not to leave the area and be…

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Refugees in Greece at the mercy of bungled decisions

ilias1 - Mar 27, 2016

The Greek government appears to be at a loss as to how to handle more than 50,000 refugees stranded in the country following the EU-Turkey deal. On…

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Refugees dive in polluted Piraeus waters to bathe

makis - Mar 21, 2016

It has come to light that several refugees and illegal immigrants have been diving into the sea at the Piraeus port, despite warnings from Greek port authorities…

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Piraeus port regulator to suppress OLP

makis - Feb 22, 2016

The draft law for the creation of the Piraeus Port Public Authority (DALP), currently being drawn up by Merchant Marine Minister Theodoros Dritsas, is seen by the…

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China’s Cosco is sole bidder for stake in Piraeus Port

makis - Jan 12, 2016

The Chinese shipping and port group Cosco is the only bidder in the tender for the acquisition of a 67 pct stake in Piraeus Port (OLP), Greece’s…