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Bailout deal not likely till January, EU official says

Sokratis - Dec 03, 2016

Government officials are gearing up for a long-awaited summit of eurozone finance ministers on Monday where the prospects for Greek debt relief are expected to be discussed,…

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Bailout review needs a debt agreement, eurozone official says

Sokratis - Nov 05, 2016

The second bailout review is unlikely to conclude without an agreement on a Greek debt settlement that would satisfy the International Monetary Fund, a senior eurozone official…

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European official expresses concern at slow registrations after Leros riot

Sokratis - Jul 09, 2016

The situation was calm on Friday at a migrant reception center on the eastern Aegean island of Leros following a riot there on Thursday evening but the…

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Official announcements expected on the tomb of Aristotle

makis - May 26, 2016

A domed building and altar that was discovered in the ancient city of Stagira in 1996 is likely to be the tomb and monument of ancient Greek…

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Police officer accused of inciting attack on minister sues official

Sokratis - May 21, 2016

A police officer on the eastern Aegean island of Kos, accused by Panos Kammenos of instigating an assault against him last summer, has filed a 19,950-euro lawsuit…

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Greece wants IMF explanations over Wikileaks report, says official

Sokratis - Apr 02, 2016

Greece on Saturday demanded “explanations” from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after Wikileaks said the lender sought a crisis “event” to push the indebted nation into concluding…

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Official data says 43,000 refugees in Greece currently

makis - Mar 17, 2016

According to sources from Greek police, the refugees that managed to cross the borders into FYROM from a point along the borderlines between Greece and FYROM, where…