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Bad loans threaten Greek recovery, says ECB

Panos - Mar 02, 2018

The Greek economy is recovering, the stability programme is ending in August and a gradual loosening and lifting of capital controls is expected, Daniele Nouy, the chair…

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Nouy: Bad loans ‘major challenge’ for Greek banks

makis - Mar 14, 2017

Bad loans pose a major challenge to Greek banks but the sector has improved “substantially,” European Central Bank supervision chief Daniele Nouy told the Athens News Agency…

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Tsakalotos-Nouy discuss NPLs and changes in bank managements

makis - Sep 01, 2016

The management of non-performing loans as well as the changes in the board of directors of Greek banks will be at the top of the agenda in…

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Greek banks won’t need further recapitalisation

ilias1 - Feb 14, 2016

There is no reason to believe that Greek banks will need further recapitalisation, after the latest round provided them with 14.4 billion euros of funding, the head…