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New memorandum approved in principle in parliamentary committee

makis - May 16, 2017

Despite a barrage of widespread and harsh criticism by all opposition parties in parliament the new memorandum was approved on principle by the competent parliamentary committees with…

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The agreed new measures will be voted next Thursday

makis - May 11, 2017

The painful measures of the Fourth Memorandum will be introduced in the following days in the Parliament to be voted on Thursday 18th May with the urgency…

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Corruption prosecutor to bring new charges over defense deals

Sokratis - Apr 08, 2017

Iliana Zamanika, the corruption prosecutor who has been handling an ongoing probe into defense deals, is asking for new charges of bribery and money laundering to be…

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Chios residents tense over rumors of new refugee camp

Sokratis - Jan 28, 2017

Speculation that authorities are planning to construct an additional migrant reception center to ease congestion at the existing hot spot on the eastern Aegean island of Chios…

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Seamen’s union calls new strikes

Sokratis - Dec 03, 2016

The umbrella union of Greek seamen, PNO, on Saturday announced a new round of strike action that means ferries will be tied up until 6 a.m. Tuesday.…

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New budget predicts 2% GDP primary surplus in 2017

makis - Nov 22, 2016

The Alternate Minister of Finance Giorgos Houliarakis submitted the ambitious budget for 2017 on Monday, which is scheduled to be voted upon in Parliament on Saturday 10…

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New attempt to break impasse over TV licenses

Sokratis - Nov 05, 2016

Parliament Speaker Nikos Voutsis is to chair a fresh session of House and deputy speakers Monday to discuss the matter of convening the National Broadcasting Council (ESR)…

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New ENFIA bills posted online – First installment due in September

makis - Aug 29, 2016

The Ministry of Finance has posted the bills for 2016’s ENFIA real estate tax on the Taxis network, from which the govenrment aims to collect about 2.65…

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New wave of cuts in supplementary pension on Friday

makis - Aug 29, 2016

About 150,000 pensioners will see their supplementary pensions slashed by up to 38% when they are paid out on Friday. According to a report in Ta Nea,…

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IMF appoints Dutch economist as new representative in Greece

Sokratis - Aug 13, 2016

The International Monetary Fund has appointed Dutch economist Dennis Botman as its new top representative in Greece. Botman will replace the incumbent, Wes McGrew, on September 2,…

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New measures required to reach an agreement with Greece’s lenders

makis - Mar 25, 2016

The new round of negotiation between the Greek government and the representatives of the institutions will start in ten days from now with the worst possible omens.…

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Government opens new refugee center north of Athens

Sokratis - Mar 12, 2016

The Greek government has opened a new refugee reception center north of Athens, at a former military camp in Malakasa, and transferred on Friday 700 refugees and…

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New demonstrations against the pension system reform

makis - Feb 16, 2016

A new round of demonstrations against the government’s controversial pension system reform begins on Wednesday, as scientific bodies have arranged a demonstration outside the Ministry of Infrastructure,…

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New archaeological finds uncovered at ancient Hephaestia on Limnos

makis - Jan 15, 2016

A major temple with finds dating from two main periods - one in the 7th-6th century B.C. and the second in the 3rd-2nd century B.C - was…