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How Military Spending Has Changed Since 2009
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How Military Spending Has Changed Since 2009

Panos - Oct 02, 2019

China has celebrated 70 years of Communist Party rule by holding a massive military parade in Tiananmen Square in front of past and present leaders. Even though…

Military services cut to 6 months for multi-member families
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Military services cut to 6 months for multi-member families

makis - Mar 12, 2019

The duration of military services for males in large families will be reduced, according to Alternate Defence Minister Panagiotis Rigas. Speaking to radio station “Sto Kokkino”, Mr…

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Greek-Israeli military cooperation program for 2019

Panos - Dec 14, 2018

Representatives of the Greek and Israeli general staff offices signed a Defense Cooperation Programme (DCP) 2019 this week, with the agreement focusing on operational and individual military…

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U.S. looking to increase use of Greek military bases, ports

makis - Dec 05, 2018

The United States is looking to expand its military presence in Greece, the Military Times quoted Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford…

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Military cooperation program between Greece, Jordan

Panos - Nov 20, 2018

Greece armed forces' general staff and the corresponding Jordanian general staff have signed a military cooperation agreement, which includes joint actions in operational sectors and training, as…

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Two Greek-Cypriots arrested by Turkish-Cypriot military in UN buffer zone

Panos - Oct 01, 2018

Two Greek-Cypriots were arrested on Saturday afternoon by the occupying Turkish-Cypriot forces of the northern part of the island when they passed through the UN buffer zone.…

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Major joint military exercise of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania & Serbia in Attica, Greece

makis - May 31, 2018

The decision of the Heads of State and Government of Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, as was exclusively written by IBNA, that was made during the 3rd…

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Military plans discovered on memory card of mobile phone of Greek soldiers being held in Turkish prison!

makis - Mar 22, 2018

As Turkish newspaper Hurriyet and news agency Anadolu report, Turkish authorities found military plans on a memory card in one of the mobile phones of the two…

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Multinational Military Exercise takes place in Cyprus

makis - Oct 17, 2017

The multinational military exercise “NEMESIS – 2017” will take place for the fourth year in a row on Tuesday, within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the…

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Greek military analysts: Turkey will not attack in Aegean as islands full of soldiers

makis - Mar 02, 2017

Greek military analysts believe Turkey is raising tensions in the Aegean Sea because it found itself cornered on the Syrian front. According to their analysis, Turkey is…

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Greek military observing Turkish research ship amid tensions

makis - Feb 10, 2017

Greece’s National Defense General Staff and the Hellenic Navy have been closely monitoring the presence of the Turkish research vessel Cesme off Andros following a spike in…

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Turkey says Greek military exercise on Kos breached international law

makis - Feb 03, 2017

Turkey accused Greece on Friday of breaching international law by carrying out a military exercise on an island in the Aegean Sea, in an escalating row between…

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Military staff officer of Turkish Embassy to Greece arrested in Turkey

makis - Jul 22, 2016

A military official serving in the Turkish Embassy to Greece was arrested in Turkey after being charged with participating in the failed military coup to overthrow the…

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Turkish military helicopter lands in northern Greece; crew requests asylum

Sokratis - Jul 16, 2016

A Turkish military helicopter has landed in Alexandroupoli, northern Greece, the ANA-MPA news agency reported on Saturday, adding that its eight crew members are requesting political asylum.…