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Greece establishes Ministry of Migration & Asylum
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Greece establishes Ministry of Migration & Asylum

Panos - Jan 16, 2020

The establishment of a Ministry of Migration & Asylum was announced by government spokesman Stelios Petsas. The current Deputy Minister of Labor Notis Mitarakis is assigned as…

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Many worldwide oppose more migration

Panos - Feb 19, 2019

As the number of international migrants reaches new highs, people around the world show little appetite for more migration – both into and out of their countries,…

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Government out to appease locals over migrants

chris1 - Nov 27, 2016

With patience running thin among local communities and migrants at overcrowded camps across the eastern Aegean, government officials said that the best solution would be to speed…

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Gov’t mulls transfer of migrants after Erdogan threats to unleash exodus

Sokratis - Nov 26, 2016

European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos on Friday stressed the importance of keeping alive an agreement between Ankara and the European Union to crack down on human…

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Chios refugee center burned in riot

chris1 - Oct 09, 2016

Authorities on the eastern Aegean island of Chios were working on Saturday to repair the damage wreaked to a refugee reception center after frustrated youths set fire…

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Minister admits gov’t struggling to tackle migration

Sokratis - Oct 01, 2016

Greek authorities face a range of problems in dealing with the refugee crisis, Immigration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas admitted in comments to Parliament on Friday while calling…

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Minister admits gov’t struggling to tackle migration

makis - Sep 30, 2016

Greek authorities face a range of problems in dealing with the refugee crisis, Immigration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas admitted in comments to Parliament on Friday while calling…

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Refugee crisis topping premier’s list of concerns

chris1 - Sep 11, 2016

Topping the list of concerns of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in recent days and weeks, according to sources close to the premier, is the refugee crisis as…

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UN: Greece must shield refugees from winter, crime

Panos - Aug 26, 2016

Greece must step up efforts to protect thousands of refugees and migrants from the coming winter and boost security in its camps, the UN's top refugee official…

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Most migrant centers to be replaced

chris1 - Jul 17, 2016

Three quarters of the country’s migrant reception centers are to close by September, according to government plans. The second phase of a government scheme to deal with…

Χωρίς κατηγορία
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Up to 35,000 migrants to be relocated over two years

chris1 - Jun 26, 2016

Of the 49,000 migrants and refugees currently stranded in camps around the Greek mainland, up to 35,000 are expected to resettle in other European states over the…

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Project underway to pre-register thousands of stranded refugees, many with expired documents

chris1 - Jun 12, 2016

With estimates suggesting that it will take at least a year before tens of thousands of refugees and migrants stranded on the Greek mainland have submitted their…

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Migration crisis offsets benefit from Greece being a safe destination

makis - Apr 21, 2016

The perception of Greece as a tourism destination is deteriorating in the British, German and American markets as a result of the refugee and migration crisis, an…

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Greek government braces for refugee violence in wake of implementing relocation deal

chris1 - Apr 03, 2016

Migration spokesperson for the leftist SYRIZA led government Giorgos Kyritsis said the country was bracing itself for riots by refugees ahead of the implementation of the agreement…

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Turkey preparing for up to 500 migrants from Greece Monday, says minister

chris1 - Apr 03, 2016

Turkey has prepared to take in up to 500 migrants from Greece on Monday under a plan agreed with the EU to reduce the flow of illegal…

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Borders will not close, insists Tsipras after talks

Sokratis - Feb 20, 2016

The threat of Greece being excluded from the European Union’s passport-free Schengen area has disappeared, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras argued on Saturday after the conclusion of a…

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EU migration commissioner plays down threat of Schengen exit

Sokratis - Jan 30, 2016

European Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said on Friday that there is no possibility of any country being forced out of the Schengen area and declared himself confident…

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EU migration commissioner warns against Schengen ouster talk

chris1 - Jan 24, 2016

The European Union’s commissioner for migration policy, Dimitris Avramopoulos, on Sunday warned against recent suggestions that Greece may be expelled from the Schengen Area if it fails…