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Huge migrant influx scares off Greek island tourists

Panos - Jun 24, 2019

Tourists are avoiding the Greek island of Samos due to the shocking situation at the Vathy migrant camp, which has grown into a sprawling settlement. Locals and…

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Trio arrested on migrant smuggling charges after truck stopped

Panos - Jan 02, 2019

Migrant traffickers attempting to take advantage of the New Year's holidays were thwarted by police in the northern city of Thesslaoniki in the early morning hours of…

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Opinion: ‘New EU migrant processing centres must avoid inhumanity of ‘hotspots’ in Greece and Italy’

Panos - Jul 10, 2018

U leaders have agreed to create migrant centres to speed up processing time as a compromise to appease Italy. But care should be taken to avoid the…

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Migrant flows on the rise again: 400 people arrived on the islands in one week

makis - Sep 29, 2017

A total of 406 illegal immigrants and refugees arrived on the northern Aegean islands from Monday to Friday morning September 29th. The number of those who passed…

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Migrant flows seem to be rising again in Greece

makis - Jun 26, 2017

The number of illegal immigrants and refugees in Lesvos has increased due to the rising flows on the island in the last month. Thus, on June 26th…

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Prosecutor takes action over anti-migrant protest at school

makis - Feb 21, 2017

A prosecutor in Thessaloniki has demanded the arrest of all the “protagonists” in a violent incident outside an elementary school on Monday, sparked by a group protesting…

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Second man dies at Lesvos migrant camp

Sokratis - Jan 28, 2017

A 46-year-old Syrian man was found dead in his tent in the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos on Saturday morning. He was the second person to die…

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Afghan migrant dies of hypothermia in Greece

makis - Jan 03, 2017

Police in northern Greece say an Afghan migrant has died of hypothermia after crossing a river that forms the country's border with Turkey. The body of the…

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Suspected migrant smuggler nabbed in Thessaloniki

Sokratis - Aug 27, 2016

Police in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, have arrested a 32-year-old Afghan national who allegedly attempted to smuggle 12 migrants – including four minors – out of the country.…

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Europol sending team to root out jihadists at migrant camps

Sokratis - Aug 27, 2016

Europol’s director, Rob Wainwright, has announced that a team of 200 counterterrorism officers will be deployed to the Greek islands over the next few weeks to track…

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Greece can handle volume of migrant arrivals, minister says

Sokratis - Aug 27, 2016

“Sixty-thousand migrants and refugees is not such a huge number,” Deputy Defense Minister Dimitris Vitsas told Skai TV Friday, saying that Greece could easily handle the volume…

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Concerns rise amid migrant uptick, news of German plan to pressure Greece

Sokratis - Aug 20, 2016

The steady increase in refugee and migrant arrivals from neighboring Turkey to the Aegean islands fueled concerns in the ranks of the government on Friday amid reports…

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EU Anti-Terror Forces to Search for Jihadists in Migrant Camps in Greece

Sokratis - Aug 13, 2016

Europol anti-terror experts are to travel to Greece in an effort to track would-be jihadists amongst the migrants stuck in the country’s camps, according to AFP, citing…

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Mouzalas insists that migrant arrival levels are under control

Sokratis - Aug 13, 2016

Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas on Friday sought to allay concerns about rising migrant arrivals following talks with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, noting that the numbers are…

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Islands appeal for measures to deal with influx of migrants

Sokratis - Jul 30, 2016

As the influx of migrants from neighboring Turkey continues – with a slight but noticable increase – regional authorities and tourism professionals are calling for measures to…

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Migrant deal at risk as Turkey deemed unsafe by Greek court

Sokratis - May 21, 2016

Despite the return on Friday of 51 refugees and migrants of different nationalities to Turkey under the European Union’s deal with Ankara to contain the influx of…

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Migrant flow from Turkey to Greece picking up again

ilias1 - Apr 23, 2016

The numbers of migrants landing in Greece from Turkey is starting to creep up again, showing efforts to close off the route are coming under strain, the…

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Migrant protests close Greek highway

makis - Apr 04, 2016

Refugees and migrants protesting Europe's closed borders have closed a second section of Greece's highway heading to the official border crossing with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia…

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More than 30 dead as migrant boat sinks off Turkey

Sokratis - Jan 30, 2016

At least 33 people drowned and 75 others were rescued after a boat carrying migrants to Greece sank off Turkey's western coast, a local mayor and Turkish…