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Greece’s luxury market shows signs of recovery
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Greece’s luxury market shows signs of recovery

Panos - May 01, 2019

After a decade of crisis and austerity, luxury operators are reconsidering a market with significant tourism and much creative energy. Encouraged by cultural buzz and slow but…

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Greek stock market loses 20% in one week

makis - Nov 19, 2018

The Greek stock market is plummeting, losing up to 20% in the past week. For the fourth day in a row, after it closed last Friday, bank…

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Reuters: Greece targeting sub-5 percent yields for market return

Panos - Jun 08, 2017

Greece will return to markets once its borrowing costs drop below 5 percent, sources told Reuters, which could happen if the European Central Bank includes Greek bonds…

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Primary surplus chokes market

makis - Apr 21, 2017

The state’s fiscal performance last year has exceeded even the most ambitious targets, as the primary budget surplus as defined by the Greek bailout program, came to…

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Illegal VLT gambling market estimated at around a billion euros

makis - Jan 03, 2017

Illegal gambling at Internet cafes and unlicensed mini-casinos appears to be on the rise in Greece, with police making 300 arrests in 51 raids in the last…

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Repossessed homes hitting the market

makis - Dec 19, 2016

The process for the sale of properties in packages – most of them homes – has entered its final stage after those assets were repossessed by banks…