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Delicious Mani

Panos - Feb 14, 2019

The small blue road sign reads “Last Gas Station”. That’s all. No indication of exactly how far away a final chance to refuel may be, no branding,…

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Six Men Charged with Illegal Diving for Antiquities in Mani

Panos - Aug 24, 2017

The Greek coastguard announced the arrest of six Greeks on suspicion of illegally diving for underwater antiquities off the coast of Mani near Gythio, in the Peloponnese.…

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Fires burn out of control in Mani, southern Greece!

makis - Jul 03, 2017

Huge fires rage in southern Peloponnese, at the area of Mani, Greece. There are at least three fronts at the moment burning out of control. There are…