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Katsifas Murder case: The Greek prosecutor pressed charges
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Katsifas Murder case: The Greek prosecutor pressed charges

Panos - Dec 10, 2019

The Greek prosecutor pressed charges for the murder of Konstantinos Katsifas by Albanian police officers, just meters from his home, on October 28, 2018. The prosecutor Konstantinos…

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Tensions high at Greek-Albanian border with Katsifas memorial services underway

Panos - Dec 10, 2018

Tensions are high on the Greek-Albanian borders, as the Albanian authorities have blocked buses full of citizens headed towards the memorial services (40 days since death) of…

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Over 3,000 Greeks attend the funeral of Konstantinos Katsifas

makis - Nov 08, 2018

Tens of Greeks from the ethnic minority in Albania and Greek citizens who travelled to Vouliarates to attend the funeral of Konstantinos Katsifas were arrested and are…

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Katsifas’ funeral will be on Thursday in Vouliarates, huge crowds expected!

makis - Nov 07, 2018

The Albanian authorities finally returned the body of Konstantinos Katsifas to his family, 10 days after he was murdered by the Albanian Police Special Forces in the…

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Katsifas’ murder: Albanian authorities return his body to the family

makis - Nov 06, 2018

In the next hours and until Wednesday morning, the body of Konstantinos Katsifas will be handed over to his relatives. According to epiruspost.gr, Albanian President Ilir Meta…

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Attorney: Body of ethnic Greek man killed in shootout with police in southern Albania to be released on Tues.

Panos - Nov 06, 2018

An attorney representing the family of a 35-year-old ethnic Greek man killed in a shootout with Albanian police last week on Monday told an Athens television station…

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Albanian absurdity: They are pressing charges against the dead Konstantinos Katsifas!

makis - Nov 02, 2018

Unbelievable! The Albanian prosecutor pressed charges against the…dead member of the Greek minority Konstantinos Katsifas, whose body -after six days- has not been given back to his…

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The Albanian authorities extorted Katsifas’ family to return the body!

makis - Nov 01, 2018

The repercussions of the killing of Kostantinos Katsifas on Greek-Albanian relations may prove to be greater than what was initially thought they will be. The Albanian side…

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Katsifas murder: Relative says victim was shot in the chest at point-blank range

makis - Oct 31, 2018

A relative of Konstaninos Katsifas, who was murdered on Sunday in Albania claims the victim was shot twice in the chest at virtually point-blank range by the…

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Katsifas’s murder: Are Albanian authorities hiding something?

makis - Oct 30, 2018

The death of Konstantinos Katsifas in a gunfight with Albanian special forces on Sunday, the circumstances of which have yet to be clarified, has undoubtedly cast a…

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Greek minority party in Albania calls murder of Katsifas an “execution”

makis - Oct 29, 2018

The Albanian political party “Omonia” which represents the Greek ethnic minority in the country said the killing of Konstantinos Katsifas at the village of Vouliarates on Sunday…