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IMF, Eurozone Seek Last-Minute Deal on Greek Debt

Panos - Jun 01, 2018

Greece’s eurozone creditors and the International Monetary Fund are trying to find a last-minute solution to the country’s debt mountain so that the IMF contributes financially to…

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Euro zone, IMF to seek last-minute deal on Greek debt at G7 this week

Panos - May 31, 2018

Euro zone policy-makers will seek last-minute backing this week from the International Monetary Fund for their debt-relief offer to Greece, to ensure it is credible with markets…

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IMF official again says time running out for Fund’s participation in Greek program

Panos - May 18, 2018

The IMF on Thursday again warned that time was running out for creditors to agree on debt relief measures, which would allow the fund to continue in…

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IMF: Revision, downwards, in Greek GDP forecast for 2018 the biggest among EU states

Panos - May 16, 2018

The IMF continued to be "bearish" over Greek economic prospects, with a report issued this week by the Washington D.C.-based Fund showing Greece as the only European…

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Wood & Company sees lower Greek GDP growth than IMF, Commission forecasts

Panos - Apr 06, 2018

Wood & Company forecasts lower GDP growth rates for Greece in 2018 and 2019 than the ones already unveiled by the IMF and the EU Commission, predicting…

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IMF: Debate on Greek debt has intensified

makis - Apr 02, 2018

The technical discussions between the International Monetary Fund and Europeans to ease Greek debt have been intensified, IMF spokesman Jerry Rice said on Thursday afternoon. “We want…

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IMF: Debate on Greek debt has intensified

makis - Mar 30, 2018

The technical discussions between the International Monetary Fund and Europeans to ease Greek debt have been intensified, IMF spokesman Jerry Rice said on Thursday afternoon. “We want…

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IMF ready to re-enter Greek bailout programme: Brussels sources

makis - Mar 21, 2018

Sources in Brussels claimed the IMF was ready to come onboard the Greek bailout programme a new, adding, however, that it was not a done deal. The…

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IMF spox reiterates that debt relief a necessary condition for participation in any greek program

Panos - Feb 02, 2018

A deputy IMF spokesman on Thursday stressed that the Fund continues to insist on reforms and debt relief as conditions for its participation in the Greek program.…

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IMF head: All pensions in Greece too high

Panos - Jan 25, 2018

Amid increasing scenarios that the IMF is considering participating in the Greek bailout programme, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is meeting with IMF Chief Executive Christine Lagarde in…

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IMF Insists on Greece Debt Relief measures

Panos - Jan 19, 2018

International Monetary Fund spokesman Gerry Rice expressed the Fund’s willingness to work with Greece’s European partners for a solution that will credibly reduce the country’s debt, and…

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IMF spox: Support for Regling proposal to use leftover bailout funds to pay-off past Greek loans

Panos - Dec 01, 2017

An IMF spokesman on Thursday reiterated that the Fund will not participate, as a lender, in the Greek program without an agreement for further debt relief, saying…

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IMF revises Greek primary budget surplus targets downwards

Panos - Oct 12, 2017

A revised forecast by the IMF on Wednesday that the memorandum-mandated primary budget surplus by the Greek state will only reach 1.7 percent in 2017, as a…

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IMF: Greek Economy to Grow by 2.6% in 2018, Weaken in 2022

makis - Oct 11, 2017

The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday said that the Greek economy will grow by 2.6% in 2018, up from a 2.4% growth rate estimated in a draft…

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IMF revised GDP figure for Greece reaches 1.8% for 2017; 2.6% for 2018

Panos - Oct 11, 2017

The IMF issued a revised forecast of 1.8 percent for Greek GDP this year, ahead of next week's autumn meetings in Washington D.C. The Fund's forecast for…

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The IMF Needs to Stop Torturing Greece

Panos - Sep 19, 2017

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” wrote the ancient Roman poet Virgil. In the 21st century, it’s the Greeks who should have been more careful about accepting offerings…

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IMF: 2% of global GDP goes to bribes

makis - Sep 18, 2017

It is estimated that bribes and graft correspond between 1.5% to 2% of global GDP, according to IMF head Christine Lagarde. The IMF Managing Director said that…

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IMFpresses for asset quality review, stress tests for Greek banks

Panos - Sep 15, 2017

International Monetary Fund (IMF) spokesman Gerry Rice on Thursday confirmed that the Fund considers that new austerity measures in still bailout-dependent Greece may be possible. He also…

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BoG Gov Stournaras: IMF should leave Greek bailout program if it wants

Panos - Sep 04, 2017

Greece's influential central banker was quoted on Sunday as saying that the IMF should not be persuaded otherwise if it wants to exit the Greek program, fueling…

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IMF admits disastrous love affair with the euro & apologises for the immolation of Greece!

makis - Aug 02, 2017

The International Monetary Fund’s top staff misled their own board, made a series of calamitous misjudgments in Greece, became euphoric cheerleaders for the euro project, ignored warning…