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Ikaria: The island of long life

Panos - Aug 07, 2020

The enchanting island of Ikaria is not only one of the most idyllic islands of the eastern Aegean but also a dreamy place with authentic character and…

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Ikaria: Nourishment for the soul

Panos - Oct 11, 2017

It is my last day here in Ikaria, a beautiful Greek island in the northern Aegean, named after Icarus from mythology, who fell into the surrounding sea…

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Ikaria island’s longevity the focus of Athens International Conference

makis - Sep 08, 2017

Ikaria, a northeastern Aegean island that is home to some 8,500 inhabitants, is one of the five regions of the world with the highest rates of longevity,…

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Latest study on Ikaria residents’ high life expectancy, quality of life unveiled next month

Panos - Aug 03, 2017

Results of yet another study focusing on the high life expectancy and high health quality enjoyed by residents on the eastern Aegean island of Ikaria will be…