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IKA employee president warns of even lower pensions in the future

makis - Nov 02, 2016

The President of IKA employee union Giorgos Kyriakopoulos has warned that the recent and repeated legislative interventions in the name of economic sustainability will result in even…

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Nine arrested for scamming €180,000 out of IKA-ETAM in Egaleo

makis - Oct 07, 2016

The police announced the arrest of nine individuals who appear to have operated a scam at the IKAT-ETAM offices in Egaleo since 2012, which caused damages worth…

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IKA «breaks moneybox» to pay pensions

Panos - Sep 22, 2016

Even if the Government with the insurance law of Katrougalos has imposed cuts in ancillary pensions, the abolishment of EKAS, an increased deduct contribution and 11 in…