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Archbishop Ieronymos II to lead Akathist Hymn on day of operation of Hagia Sophia as Mosque
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Archbishop Ieronymos II to lead Akathist Hymn on day of operation of Hagia Sophia as Mosque

Panos - Jul 24, 2020

Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos II will lead the Akathist Hymn Service at Metropolitan Cathedral in Athens on Friday in protestation of the opening of…

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Archbishop Ieronymos on revisions in church-state relations: Not an agreement yet, but an intent to agree

Panos - Nov 08, 2018

The influential prelate of the Church of Greece on Wednesday clarified that "an agreement is one thing, and an intent to agree is another", less than a…

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Head of Greek Orthodox Church Ieronymos says Greece demands respect on FYROM issue

Panos - Oct 03, 2018

The head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop Ieronymos weighed in on the issue of name dispute with FYROM and Sunday’s referendum in the neighbouring country. Addressing…

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Archbishop Ieronymos: Church will take part in rally for Macedonia

makis - Jan 30, 2018

Archbishop of Athens and all of Greece Ieronymos said the Greek Orthodox Church would take part in the rally for Macedonia, which is scheduled to take place…

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Archbishop Ieronymos: 9 from 82 Church leaders attended Macedonia rally

makis - Jan 22, 2018

Commenting on the massive rally on the Macedonian issue in Thessaloniki, the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop of Athens Ieronymos, noted that only 9 out…

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Archbishop of Athens Criticizes Gov’t over Gender Identification at 15

Panos - Oct 03, 2017

On Monday, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, criticized the government and expressed his opposition over the gender identification bill to be tabled in parliament this week.…

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Archbishop Ieronymos protests against violation of religious freedoms by Educartion Ministry official

makis - Sep 01, 2017

Following revelations brought to light by Proto Thema based on official Education Ministry employee complaints that the director of the National Organisation for Certification of Skills &…

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Archbishop Ieronymos: Greeks always were and will remain Orthodox

makis - Aug 15, 2017

The head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop of Athens Ieronymos, said the Greek were and would remain Orthodox in their faith, during his message on occasion…

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Ieronymos: “Fillis is problematic, I am skeptical of a mosque”

Panos - Nov 02, 2016

In an extensive interview, the Archbishop Ieronymos clarified that this “major opponent” is the Minister of Education Nikos Filis, calling him “problematic”, while noting that he cannot…

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Church spokesman rules out talks between Ieronymos, Filis

Panos - Oct 05, 2016

Church of Greece spokesman Haris Konidaris on Wednesday said Archbishop Ieronymos will not hold talks with Education Minister Nikos Filis on the issue of religious classes at…

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Archbishop of Greece Ieronymos lashes out against the Left

makis - Oct 04, 2016

The Archbishop of the Church of Greece Ieronymos made an ideological attack against the Left, claiming that the collapse of socialism in countries of the former eastern…

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“Sacred war” between the church and Nikos Filis

Panos - Sep 23, 2016

The relations between the Ministry of Education and Church of Greece have have deteriorated sharply over the changes to the course of religious education in schools. Specifically,…

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Ieronymos: “The Church property is ours and is not for sale”

makis - May 25, 2016

The Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Ieronymos underlined that the Church property “does not belong to the State, is not for sale and cannot be mortgaged”…

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Holy Synod claims that “cremation is like recycling trash”

ilias1 - Jan 17, 2016

The Standing Holy Synod of the Church of Greece convened under ArchbishopIeronymos on Thursday and discussed the government initiative on cremations. In its statement the Holy Synod,…