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Minister says Greece needs privatisations

Panos - Jun 29, 2017

Greece needs to step up its privatisation programme, deputy finance minister George Chouliarakis told reporters yesterday. Privatisations have been a main pillar of the country’s international bailouts…

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Greek primary surplus target should be cut to 1.5-2 percent after 2018, says Houliarakis

Panos - Jun 22, 2016

Greece's primary surplus budget target beyond 2018 should be lowered to 1.5-2 percent of gross domestic product, the country's Alternate Finance Minister Giorgos Houliarakis said on Wednesday.…

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Houliarakis questions IMF’s demands for more measures

makis - Mar 03, 2016

Greece’s Alternate Finance Minister Giorgos Houliarakis told Parliament on Thursday that the government is baffled about the demands being made by the International Monetary Fund as part…

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Houliarakis and Velculescu butt heads at Euro Working Group

makis - Mar 01, 2016

Monday’s Euro Working Group meeting did not result in a decision for the return of the institutions to Athens, with the European side and IMF disagreeing on…