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Church of Greece Primate visits hospital treating child critically injured by stray bullet
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Church of Greece Primate visits hospital treating child critically injured by stray bullet

Panos - May 08, 2019

The influential head of the Greek Church on Tuesday visited the intensive care unit of an Athens children's hospital for a briefing on the condition of an…

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Shocking photos reveal unsanitary conditions in basement of largest public maternity Hospital

makis - Oct 19, 2017

Photographs depicting the unsanitary conditions in the basements of the largest public maternity hospital of the country “Elena Venizelos” were published by the Panhellenic Federation of Workers…

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Bid to curb under-the-table payments at state hospitals

Sokratis - Apr 08, 2017

The government is examining new ways to crack down on the enduring phenomenon of under-the-table payments, or “fakelakia,” for treatment at public hospitals, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos…

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Ex-health minister says he welcomes probe into hospital corruption

makis - Mar 27, 2017

The vice president of New Democracy, Adonis Georgiadis, said on Monday that he “welcomed” an investigation into corruption at the Henry Dunant Hospital in Athens. The probe…

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Staff at Greek capital’s Sotiria Hospital issue plea for help

makis - Mar 17, 2017

Staff at the Sotiria Hospital, one of the Greek capital’s biggest public healthcare facilities, issued a distress signal on Friday, writing a memo with their complaints and…

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Court rules hospital chiefs’ dismissal was not justified

makis - Mar 09, 2017

In a ruling made public on Thursday, the Council of State upheld appeals against decisions by the Health Ministry in 2015 to dismiss directors and managers at…

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Greek doctors to stage walkout on Thursday

makis - Mar 01, 2017

State hospitals will be operating on skeleton staffs on Thursday as doctors walk off the job in protest at a new batch of planned changes to the…

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Hospital workers file lawsuit over government ‘pogrom’

makis - Feb 24, 2017

After accusing the government of a “pogrom” this week, the Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Workers (POEDIN) filed a lawsuit on Friday at the Supreme Court against…

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Kammenos hospital trip ‘not due to Alpine skiing fall’

makis - Jan 03, 2017

Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, who is also leader of right-wing Independent Greeks, was admitted to a military hospital on Tuesday for treatment to a shoulder problem that…

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Zakynthos surgeries shut down after fatal hospital infection

makis - Dec 05, 2016

A 41-year-old woman died due to multiple organ failure caused by a hospital infection, following a procedure at the hospital of Zakynthos. The 41-year-old patient was rushed…

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Former hospital director found guilty over 25,000-euro bribe

makis - Apr 12, 2016

An Athens criminal court on Tuesday convicted the former president of the Aglaia Kyriakou Children’s Hospital to an eight-year suspended sentence and a fine of 40,300 euros…

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Immigration Minister Mouzalas admitted to Athens hospital

makis - Apr 04, 2016

Greek Immigration Minister John Mouzalas was urgently admitted to hospital Monay morning after feeling intense pain. He is currently under medical supervision at a hospital in Attica…

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Hospital employees preparing for new strike actions and protests

Panos - Feb 10, 2016

The nationwide federation of public hospital employees (POEDIN) is preparing for new strike actions over a number of financial and institutional demands in relation to their sector.…

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Hospital employees demonstrating outside Finance Ministry

makis - Jan 26, 2016

he nationwide federation of public hospital employees (POEDIN) has staged at demonstration outside the Ministry of Finances over the government plans on pension reforms. According to the…