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Documents prove how Albania is looting the Greek minority’s property in Himara

makis - Dec 24, 2018

Documents overturning the Albanian government’s arguments about the properties of Greek expatriates in Himara. Based on a decision taken on December 4th by the Albanian government, areas…

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Leader of the Greek minority party reacts over the demolition of properties in Himara

Panos - Nov 01, 2017

The operation that was carried out on Tuesday for the demolition of several Greek properties in Himara has caused an outcry among residents of the area, but…

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The Greeks of Himara under siege!

Panos - Oct 31, 2017

Himara is under siege since Tuesday morning. The Albanian government, under Prime Minister Edi Rama, has sent strong police forces to guard the provocative demolitions of properties…

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Is the Greek Minority in Himara being used to divert attention from “Tahiri Scandal”?

Panos - Oct 23, 2017

In Albania, the National Inspectorate for the Protection of the Territory (IKMT) has issued an eviction notice for the residents of Himara at the beginning of the…