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Greeks in 5th spot globally in believing religion is important, Global Pew Survey shows

Panos - Oct 29, 2019

Greeks are in the top 5 nationalities that consider religion important, according to Pew’s Global Attitudes Survey. Greeks are 5th (56%), with Ethiopians (98%) taking top spot,…

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What Can The Ancient Greeks And Romans Teach Us About Leadership?

Panos - Oct 02, 2019

You might think that self-help is a modern phenomenon. You might also think that the nuggets of advice we get from today’s most revered leaders are, in…

Greeks lonelier than other Europeans, EC study finds
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Greeks lonelier than other Europeans, EC study finds

Panos - Jul 01, 2019

Greeks, along with other Southern and Eastern Europeans feel lonelier and more socially isolated than other Europeans, according to a recent survey by the Joint Research Centre…

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Greeks prouder of their identity than other Europeans, survey finds

Panos - May 13, 2019

A recent survey found that Greeks are more proud of their history and identity compared to their Europeans. According to the data from the Ipsos survey, four…

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Greeks lost nearly 1/4 of their income during economic crisis, Eurostat data shows

makis - Dec 14, 2018

Greeks saw nearly a quarter of their average annual income vanish as a result of the economic crisis that hit the country in 2008-2017, as the latest…

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Previous Next One in three Greeks are against living next to gays, wide scale survey shows

Panos - Sep 25, 2018

Greek research and policy Institute “Dianoesis” conducted a wide scale study in collaboration with Metron Analysis profiling the beliefs and opinions of the average Greek on a…

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6 things you (probably) didn’t know about the ancient Greeks

Panos - Aug 23, 2018

From the true identity of the poet Homer to the elephants used as the first 'weapons of mass destruction', there is much to fascinate in the stories…

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New website helps Greeks abroad deal with Greece’s bureaucracy

makis - Jun 27, 2018

As they met with fellow Greeks from abroad, two business partners — Stefanos Vamvakaris and Panagiotis Markos — saw the increasing need for an online service to…

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Greeks Feel the Pain of Being Normal Again

Panos - Feb 21, 2018

The prevalent belief in Europe is that the crisis is all but over in Greece: the economy is growing, the country just raised money from bond investors,…

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Ancient Greeks painted their gods in vibrant colours

Panos - Feb 01, 2018

For 15 years now, the traveling exhibition Gods in Colour, has been constantly moving from one city of the world to another, challenging the long-established idea that…

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Survey: 53% of Greeks believe life was better 50 years ago

Panos - Dec 18, 2017

More than half of Greeks (53%) believe that the standard of living in Greece today is worse than it was 50 years ago, according to a survey…

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Greeks getting “virtual divorces” to save money!

makis - Nov 07, 2017

Divorces in Greece are on the rise, as married couples are trying to take advantage of laws that favour singles regarding tax cuts. With increased financial burdens…

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Greeks Consume 40% Less than Euro Zone Average

Panos - Oct 31, 2017

Consumer spending in Greece has declined by 36 billion euros in seven years, with the annual nominal consumer spending per capita in Greece being 12,940 euros, compared…

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Only 23% Greeks see economic growth in EU, survey shows

makis - Oct 18, 2017

According to a European Parliament survey, Greeks are skeptical about joining the EU and its benefits, with only 23% believing that the EU is contributing to economic…

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Greeks cut back on energy and food to pay taxes

makis - Aug 23, 2017

Greek households used 56 million litres less petrol during the first six months of the year, according to data from the Ministry for Environment, while the annual…

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The Greeks Really Do Have Near Mythical Origins, Ancient DNA Reveals

Panos - Aug 10, 2017

Ever since the days of Homer, Greeks have long idealized their Mycenaean ''ancestors'' in epic poems and classic tragedies that glorify the exploits of Odysseus, King Agamemnon,…

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Greeks consume 27% less food, Bank of Greece survey finds

makis - Jul 20, 2017

Bank of Greece (BoG) study reveals a collapse in Greeks’ net wealth, assets, income and consumption of goods and services. One of the most shocking findings in…

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Greeks have the least trust in their government: OECD Report

Panos - Jul 18, 2017

Trust in government serves as a vital driving force for a country’s economic development, increases the effectiveness of governmental decisions, as well as leading to greater compliance…

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1 in 2 Greeks aged 18-35 live off their parents, study shows!

makis - Jul 17, 2017

Nearly half the Greek youth (48%) between the ages of 18-35 said their main source of income was from immediate or extended family members, according to a…

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24 Percent of Young Greeks are Unable to Name Four or More EU Achievements

Panos - Jun 19, 2017

84 percent of Greeks age16-25 say that peace is the most important result of the country’s membership in the European Union, according to an upcoming survey. The…