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Greek PM in Kasos and Metsovo on Christmas Day
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Greek PM in Kasos and Metsovo on Christmas Day

Panos - Dec 26, 2019

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will visit the island of Kassos today (Christmas Day), where he will attend the liturgy and meet with the island’s mayor and inhabitants.…

Athens Condemns Destruction of Greek Fighter’s Monument in Albania
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Athens Condemns Destruction of Greek Fighter’s Monument in Albania

Panos - Jul 24, 2019

The Greek Foreign Ministry has expressed “horror and concern” over the destruction of a monument dedicated to early 20th-century Greek fighter Thymios Liolis in the village of…

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Eurogroup gives positive assessment on the Greek budget

makis - Dec 04, 2018

Monday’s Eurogroup meeting ended with a “positive assessment” on the Greek budget, as it recognised the country’s fiscal, according to a Greek finance ministry source. As the…

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New York Times: A Greek Refugee Camp’s Epidemic of Misery

makis - Oct 03, 2018

An article in the New York Times presents the miserable conditions refugees are living under at the Moria hotspot on the Greek island of Lesvos. From the…

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NGOs say living conditions in Greek refugee hotspots are tragic

makis - Sep 13, 2018

Nineteen NGOs have dubbed the living conditions in the refugee reception centres in Greece as atrocious, despite the promises made by Greek authorities to improve the facilities…

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Burnt body found off the coast of Glyfada

makis - Jul 31, 2018

The Greek coast guard retrieved a burnt body from the sea off the coast of the island of Fleves, located southwest of the Attica coast. The body…

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Greek islands in the south account for half of tourism’s spending

makis - Jul 31, 2018

Despite a growing reputation as a trendy and hip place for young people, tourists are still choosing the Greek island over Athens. As the Greek Tourism Confederation…

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Two Greek soldiers held in Turkey could face 2 years in prison

makis - Jul 18, 2018

The two Greek soldiers could be facing two years in prison after they were denied their freedom for the fifth time in a row, as their appeal…

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Turkish court rejects appeal for Greek officers’ release for the fourth time

Panos - Jun 20, 2018

The Turkish court has reportedly rejected the fourth consecutive appeal for the release of Greek army officers Dimitros Kouklatzis and Aggelos Mitretodis who have been imprisoned in…

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Greek Foreign Minister Kotzias in FYROM: We believe in an honest compromise

makis - Mar 23, 2018

“We believe in an honest compromise that both sides have to gain from. There will be no loser. You can not get everything you have in your…

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Greek pilot voted NATO “Top Gun” by peers

makis - Mar 21, 2018

Flight Lieutenant Vassilis Kalogeridis of the 335 Fighter Squadron was voted Best NATO pilot by his peers. Specifically, Kalogeridis was voted best trainee of the “Course Warrior”…

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Brussels: 4th review on Greek programme must conclude by May

makis - Mar 08, 2018

A Eurozone official said in Brussels that 88 prior actions remained to be implemented by the Greek authorities before the 4th review could move forward. He added…

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February 9: International Greek Language Day

Panos - Feb 09, 2018

After years of campaigning by academics, educators and Greeks of the diaspora, Feb. 9 has officially been declared International Greek Language Day. Starting in 2018, the day…

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Greek navy vessel sustains tear to side

makis - Jan 24, 2018

The Greek Navy vessel LST Jason type Lesvos L176 was damaged at the Salamis naval station on Tuesday when it crashed into other vessels while trying to…

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Rare Greek religious text discovered by scholars

Panos - Dec 06, 2017

Newsweek reports that fragments of a rare Christian text dating to the fifth or sixth century have been found in the Nag Hammadi Library, which was discovered…

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Greek wineries showcase produce in Germany

makis - Dec 01, 2017

The profile of Greek wine varieties is on the rise around the world, with a focus this month on introducing the products into Germany. Representatives from 20…

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Greek “bride” celebrates her 103rd birthday in Australia

makis - Nov 10, 2017

“Life is a dream. I feel like I was born yesterday!” With those words, 103-year-old Greek yiayia Angeliki Frangos, celebrated her birthday last Wednesday at her Adelaide…

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Greek property prospects dismal for 2018, says report

makis - Nov 09, 2017

The value of Greek real estate has tanked, according to property consultants based on the annual reports by Price Waterhouse Coopers and Urban Land Institute on Emerging…

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‘Time to invest in Greek, Italian banks’

makis - Nov 02, 2017

Greece and Italy offer attractive opportunities for investments in the banking sector, Atlas Merchant Capital CEO Bob Diamond told Bloomberg TV. Diamond said that he seeks opportunities…

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Greek & Turkish shipping ministers discuss commercial boat ban

makis - Oct 13, 2017

Earlier on Thursday, Greek Shipping and Island Policy Minister Panagiotis Kouroumplis welcomed in Piraeus the Turkish Transport, Maritime and Communication Minister Ahmet Arslan in order to talk…