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Golden Dawn leader and top heads of extreme-right party get 13 years in prison
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Golden Dawn leader and top heads of extreme-right party get 13 years in prison

Panos - Oct 15, 2020

The Greek court sentenced the leading figures of the far-right Golden Dawn party, which was last week deemed a criminal organisation, to 13 in prison, while the aggregate years of…

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Golden Dawn loses a seat in Parliament

Sokratis - Mar 04, 2017

Golden Dawn lost an MP Saturday after Dimitris Koukoutsis declared himself an independent, reducing the far-right party’s representation in the 300-seat Parliament to 17 seats from 18.…

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Golden Dawn MP attacked by mob at Athens cafe

Sokratis - Nov 19, 2016

Golden Dawn deputy Giorgos Germenis was attacked by a group of about 30 people outside a cafeteria in the northern Athens suburb of Maroussi on Saturday. An…

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Golden Dawn trials continues with assault against PAME members

Panos - Oct 24, 2016

The vicious assault carried out against PAME members in Perama in September 2013 will be examined by the courts on Monday in the trial regarding the criminal…

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Lamia authorities brace for Golden Dawn gathering

Sokratis - Sep 03, 2016

Authorities in Lamia, central Greece, will be on high alert on Saturday amid fears of violence at a gathering scheduled by members and supporters of the neo-Nazi…

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Court calls Roupakias to attend Golden Dawn trials

makis - Jun 24, 2016

The main defendants in the murder of antifascist activist Pavlos Fyssas are expected to be in court on Friday, including the self-confessed murderer Giorgos Roupakias. Roupakias had…

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Courts suspend Golden Dawn trial until Monday 30 May

makis - May 26, 2016

Although the trial Golden Dawn was meant to resume on Wednesday, it has once again been postponed, this time until Monday, 30th of May. The trial of…

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Golden Dawn Murderer Roupakias to Be Released From Custody

Sokratis - Feb 20, 2016

Giorgos Roupakias, the Gold Dawn thug who murdered in cold blood leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas on September 2013 in Keratsini, is set to be released from custody…