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Tsipras govt revisits issue of German war reparations; diplomatic note submitted to foreign ministry in Berlin

Panos - Jun 05, 2019

Athens on Tuesday revisited the issue of German reparations to Greece, with the foreign ministry saying the country's ambassador to Berlin delivered a diplomatic note to the…

German historian calls for Germany to pay €190 billion to Greece for Nazi occupation
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German historian calls for Germany to pay €190 billion to Greece for Nazi occupation

Panos - Feb 18, 2019

“Germany must accept to pay and begin direct negotiations with Greece to resolve the issue of the great disasters caused by Nazi Germany during the Occupation”, German…

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German Chancellery: Greece has committed to continuing reforms

makis - Oct 05, 2018

Germany sent a clear message to Greece that it expects the debt-ridden country to fulfil its commitments and continue the agreed reforms. The German Chancellery responded to…

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14 injured in northern German city after knife attack

makis - Jul 20, 2018

A man has reportedly used a knife on a bus and injured at least 14 more people injured after a ‘violent’ incident on a bus in Lubeck,…

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German Foreign Minister says Germany was involved in Greece-FYROM talks

makis - May 29, 2018

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias met in Berlin with the prior admitting that Germany had “intervened” whenever asked regarding the dispute…

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Was dead German couple involved in satanic ritual?

makis - Jan 02, 2018

The death of a German couple in Kefalonia, who had rented a lodge, has taken a mysterious twist after police discovered items that could point to a…

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German tourist caravan trapped with explosive device in Macedonia!

makis - May 11, 2017

Greek police are on alert after an explosive device was detected on a German couple’s tourist Caravan in the city of Alexandreia in the region of Imathia…

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German court upholds Greek teacher’s case against pay cut

makis - Apr 26, 2017

A German federal court has upheld a complaint by a teacher at a Greek school in Germany against a pay cut that the Greek government imposed at…

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German government says it’s united on need to stabilize Greek economy

makis - Feb 03, 2017

The German government said on Friday it remained united on the need to stabilize the Greek economy despite a report indicating divergent views between Chancellor Angela Merkel's…

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German chancellor to hold phone call with Greek PM

makis - Jan 30, 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday requested a telephone call with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras ahead of her scheduled visit to Turkey on Thursday, February 2,…

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EU to reinforce Frontex presence in Greece, says German report

makis - Dec 13, 2016

The European Union border control agency Frontex was reinforcing its presence in Greece, a Spiegel Online report said on Tuesday. According to the report, an increased Frontex…

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German conservatives raise pressure on IMF over Greece

makis - Sep 29, 2016

Several German conservative lawmakers expressed concern on Thursday that the International Monetary Fund had not yet joined the third aid package for Greece, with one calling for…

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Athens presses German reparations bid

Sokratis - Aug 20, 2016

Alternate Foreign Minister Nikos Xydakis emphasized over the weekend that Athens will push its demands for wartime reparations from Germany, despite the insistence by Berlin that the…

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Concerns rise amid migrant uptick, news of German plan to pressure Greece

Sokratis - Aug 20, 2016

The steady increase in refugee and migrant arrivals from neighboring Turkey to the Aegean islands fueled concerns in the ranks of the government on Friday amid reports…

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Greek debt relief ‘not up for debate at the moment,’ German FinMin spokesman says

makis - Apr 04, 2016

A Greek debt write-down is currently not an issue for Berlin, a spokesman for Germany’s Finance Ministry has said. "A debt haircut is not up for debate…

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German newspaper FAZ readers want Greece in the Eurozone

makis - Mar 30, 2016

According to a poll published in German newspaper ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ (FAZ),nearly half of the German citizens (49%) were in favour of Greece remaining in the Eurozone.…

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German summer bookings for Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia drop 40 pct but Greece holding up

makis - Mar 03, 2016

German travellers' bookings for summer holidays in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey have dropped around 40 percent compared with a year ago, reflecting tourists' concern over security, German…

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German interior minister due in Athens on Friday for refugee talks

makis - Feb 01, 2016

Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière is due to visit Greece on Friday to hold discussions about the refugee crisis. The creation of the so-called hot spots…

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Gov’t denies hiring German consultants

Sokratis - Jan 30, 2016

The Greek government on Saturday denied press reports of having hired the services of, or engaging in any kind of paid collaboration with, German consulting firm Goetzpartners.…