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Bloomberg: The Scandalous Persecution of a Greek Whistle-Blower

Panos - Aug 04, 2017

The statistician who exposed the true extent of Greece's fiscal collapse must think that doing the right thing was the worst decision he ever made. Andreas Georgiou…

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Politico: By convicting an honest statistician, Greece condemns itself

Panos - Aug 03, 2017

The prosecution of Andreas Georgiou raises questions about the integrity of the country’s institutions. By MEGAN GREENE Greek economic data is completely unreliable. That’s what I told…

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Legal quagmire involving former head of Greek statistical bureau continues; High court prosecutor reverses appeal ruling

Panos - Jul 20, 2017

A very high-profile legal entanglement involving the former head of Greece's statistical bureau (EL.STAT) appears unending, as a supreme court prosecutor on Wednesday overruled a previous reversal…

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Eurogroup to discuss referral of former ELSTAT chief Georgiou

makis - Aug 25, 2016

The referral of former ELSTAT chief Andreas Georgiou by Greek authorities for allegedly inflating the Greek budget deficit during his tenure could potentially cause problems to the…

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Papangelopoulos: Commission’s letter violates Greek constitution

Panos - Aug 25, 2016

The Alternate Minister for Corruption Issues Dimitris Papangelopoulos responded with a written statement to the European Commission’s commentary ον the referral of former ELSTAT chief Andreas Georgiou.…

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European Commission issues statement in support of Georgiou

makis - Aug 24, 2016

The European Commission has issued a statement in support of former ELSTAT chief Andreas Georgiou, in relation to the charges against him and the quality of official…

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Reuters: European Commission to support Georgiou

Panos - Aug 24, 2016

Anonymous sources cited by Reuters argue that the European Commission is likely to defend the former head of the Greek statistics authority ELSTAT, Andreas Georgiou, who is…

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Reuters: EU to take stand in Greek statistics service row – sources

Panos - Aug 24, 2016

The European Union will step into a Greek political row over the national statistics agency on Wednesday, EU sources told Reuters, and is likely to defend the…

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FAZ: Former ELSTAT chief a scapegoat

makis - Aug 19, 2016

The trial of the former head of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), Andreas Georgiou, is nothing but a political trial aiming to create a scapegoat, according to…