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Fofi Gennimata receives clear mandate with 56.66%

Panos - Nov 20, 2017

Fofi Gennimata was voted as the leader of the new centre-left political party under formation, following the results of Sunday’s second round of elections. The DYSI leader…

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Ex-ministers set to spearhead effort for revival of center-left

chris1 - Nov 27, 2016

Former PASOK ministers are gearing up for a new attempt to launch a party that will located between SYRIZA and New Democracy on the political spectrum, according…

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Gennimata claims Spanish election result was a ‘socialist win’

Panos - Jun 27, 2016

The President of PASOK Fofi Gennimata commented on the Spanish election result and estimated that it constituted a win for socialist and defeat for populism. Mrs. Gennimata…

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President Pavlopoulos receives Gennimata to discuss refugee crisis

Panos - Feb 23, 2016

The president of PASOK and head of the Democratic Alignment Fofi Gennimata was received by the President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos on Tuesday morning. The…