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FIFA: Football “Grexit” is possible!

makis - Mar 14, 2018

The head of the international committee that monitors EPO (Greek Football Federation), Herbert Hubel warned that the possibility of a Grexit for Greek football was a real.…

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FIFA delegation in Athens over ‘football crisis’

Panos - Mar 14, 2018

FIFA has responded to a letter by Greece’s sports minister this week and a controversial decision by the Tsipras government to suspend the Greek pro football league…

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FIFA calls for meeting with EPO and Super League teams

Panos - Aug 23, 2016

FIFA’s representative Kostakis Koustokoumnis has called for a meeting with the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) and the Super League teams on the 30th of August, in order…

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Greece heading for soccer ‘Grexit’ as FIFA deadline looms

ilias1 - Apr 02, 2016

Greece moved a step closer to a ban by soccer's governing bodies FIFA and UEFA on Wednesday as talks between the two organizations and the government over…

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FIFA and UEFA threaten Greek football with ‘Grexit’

makis - Mar 31, 2016

The global governing body of football, FIFA and its European branch UEFA have threatened Greece with expelling all its clubs and the Greek national football team from…