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Coronavirus could lead to breakup of Eurozone, EuroGroup head Centeno warns

Panos - Apr 01, 2020

The Finance Minister of Portugal and EuroGroup President Mario Centeno warned the 19 Eurozone Finance Ministers in letter that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic could result…

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Eurostat: Greece debt the highest in Eurozone in 2018, at 132.2% of GDP; up from 131.4% in 2017

Panos - Apr 25, 2019

Greece and Italy, among Eurozone member-states, saw their external debt actually increase in 2018, in contrast with the rest of the euro area pack, which witnessed a…

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ESM, Eurozone: 5.7-bln€ tranche for Greece after March 15

Panos - Mar 13, 2018

A 5.7-billion-euro tranche bailout loan money included in the ongoing bailout program will be disbursed to Greece in the second half of this month, Eurogroup president Mario…

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Eurozone GDP up by 1.7%, while Greece stuck in recession

makis - May 16, 2017

The average growth rate in Eurozone countries stood at 1.7% in the first quarter of 2017, according to Eurostat’s initial estimates, while it was calculated at 2%…

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Inflation at 1.5% in Eurozone. Greece has 1.7%

makis - Apr 19, 2017

Inflation in Greece rose to 1.7% for the month of March, compared to 1.4% in February and -0.7% over the same period last year, according to data…

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Eurozone chief hopes for movement on Greek debt talks

makis - Jan 26, 2017

The eurozone's top official says he's hopeful that Greece and its creditors can make progress on an important review of the bailout program that is propping up…

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Eurozone bailout fund chides IMF over Greece blog

makis - Dec 13, 2016

The eurozone's ESM bailout fund criticized the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday after senior IMF staff used a blog to criticize the eurozone's demand that Athens commit…

Χωρίς κατηγορία
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Bailout review needs a debt agreement, eurozone official says

Sokratis - Nov 05, 2016

The second bailout review is unlikely to conclude without an agreement on a Greek debt settlement that would satisfy the International Monetary Fund, a senior eurozone official…

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Fiscal targets a priority for government

chris1 - Jul 24, 2016

The Finance Ministry is preparing a study it plans to show Greece’s lenders when representatives return to Athens in September for the start of the next bailout…

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Eurozone growth to slow this year, inflation subdued

makis - May 03, 2016

Eurozone growth will be slower than previously expected with subdued inflation this year, the European Commission said in its economic forecasts on Tuesday, warning of high external…

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FAZ readers want Greece in the Eurozone

Panos - Mar 30, 2016

According to a poll published in German newspaper ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ (FAZ),nearly half of the German citizens (49%) were in favour of Greece remaining in the Eurozone.…

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Eurozone ministers seek to end Greece bailout row

makis - Mar 07, 2016

Eurozone finance ministers met Monday to defuse a bitter rift between top EU and IMF officials over how strictly to hold Greece to the ambitious reform commitments…

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New market storm could catch eurozone unprepared

Panos - Feb 22, 2016

Distracted by an unresolved migration crisis and negotiations on keeping Britain in the European Union, eurozone leaders could be caught unprepared by a new storm on financial…

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Soros: “The EU is on the verge of a collapse and Greece is still a problem”

ilias1 - Jan 23, 2016

American investor George Soros has estimated that Greece will continue to be a problem for the Eurozone and argued that the Greek economy will not see significant…