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Greece ratified agreement on extension of partnership of EU with Kazakhstan

Panos - Nov 24, 2017

Greece has ratified an agreement on extensive partnership of the European Union with Kazakhstan, reports the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan. "The state newspaper of Greece has published…

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EU handling of Greek bailouts only partial success – auditors

Panos - Nov 17, 2017

The EU’s handling of three bailout programmes for Greece during the eurozone’s financial crisis had several weaknesses and was only partly successful, European auditors said yesterday. EU…

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EU nations sign up for new era of deeper defense cooperation

makis - Nov 13, 2017

European Union countries on Monday officially launched a new era in defense cooperation with a program of joint military investment and project development aimed at helping the…

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Bloomberg: It’s Bailout-Review Time in Greece and Markets Are Wary – Again

Panos - Sep 20, 2017

The moment of reckoning may soon be upon Greece. As the country enters the final year of its bailout, questions remain on whether it will be able…

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Greece keen to keep EU cybersecurity agency

Panos - Sep 15, 2017

The Greek government's contact person for the EU's cybersecurity agency has welcomed a proposal to give the agency a bigger role. "I am always saying that the…

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EC: Turkey cannot become EU member

Panos - Sep 05, 2017

The European Commission said that Turkey’s actions made it effectively impossible for the country to join the EU. Following earlier statements to the same effect by President…

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Open conflict triggers concern Poland might leave EU next

Panos - Aug 07, 2017

Since British voters endorsed leaving the European Union, politicians and pundits have ruminated on which of the bloc’s remaining 27 nations could be next. “Grexit” and “Frexit,”…

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EU refuses to recognise Venezuela poll but imposes no sanctions

Panos - Aug 03, 2017

The EU and its 28 member states have refused to recognise Venezuela’s new constituent assembly, saying its disputed election on Sunday has “durably worsened” the situation in…

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EU starts legal action against Poland over court reform

Panos - Jul 31, 2017

The European Union announced Saturday it had launched legal action against Poland’s rightwing government over a new law that it fears will erode judicial independence. The action…

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European Parliament calls on Turkey to halt nuclear plant

Panos - Jul 07, 2017

The European Parliament at a plenary session in Strasbourg on Thursday adopted a resolution on Turkey that calls on Ankara to abandon its plans to build Turkey’s…

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Greece did its part; now it’s the Eurogroup’s turn

Panos - Jun 15, 2017

Greece has made huge sacrifices and the government has made significant reforms. Now the ball is in the Eurogroup’s court to provide the necessary certainty to both…

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EU states urged to meet refugee relocation pledge

makis - Mar 27, 2017

The European Union’s top migration official on Monday urged member-states to meet their refugee relocation pledges by September and help alleviate the pressure on countries such as…

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EU envoy: Three million migrants waiting to cross into Greece

makis - Mar 23, 2017

European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos on Thursday underlined the need to safeguard a deal between Brussels and Ankara to curb human smuggling in the Aegean, noting…

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EU condemns inflammatory Turkish rhetoric in statement

makis - Mar 13, 2017

In a joint statement, High Representative of the Union of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Francesca Mogherini and Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations Johannes…

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EU prods members to take in the refugees they promised to

makis - Mar 02, 2017

The European Union is pleading with member countries to step up the relocation of asylum-seekers from Italy and Greece, seeking to give new momentum to a plan…

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EU nations to keep Balkan migrant route shut

makis - Feb 08, 2017

Interior and defense ministers from 13 European countries have agreed to come up with new measures to ensure that the overland route from Greece remains shut for…

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EU, UNICEF launch joint program for refugee kids

makis - Jan 25, 2017

UNICEF and the European Union have launched a joint project to support more than 6000 refugee and migrant children, including unaccompanied minors, across Greece. The initiative, which…

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EU says will not sign off on Greece bailout review on Thursday

makis - Jan 24, 2017

Eurozone finance ministers will not sign off on a review of Greece’s bailout at a meeting on Thursday, but they hope to do so as soon as…

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Bailout deal not likely till January, EU official says

Sokratis - Dec 03, 2016

Government officials are gearing up for a long-awaited summit of eurozone finance ministers on Monday where the prospects for Greek debt relief are expected to be discussed,…

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No compromise in sight, EU ministers at odds over immigration

makis - Nov 18, 2016

European Union interior ministers were at odds on Friday over how to handle immigration, with heated discussions between states who want more burden sharing and those who…