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Government considers readjusting the EKAS pension benefit

makis - Aug 09, 2016

The recent reductions in the EKAS pension benefit, which is gradually being phased out, caused major reactions and frustration among pensioners. According to a report in the…

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About 100,000 pensioners will no longer be receiving the EKAS benefit

Panos - Jun 29, 2016

About 100,000 pensioners will not be receiving the EKAS benefit in July, as the government begins to phase it out, as part of the recent bailout agreement.…

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About 100,000 pensioners must return EKAS benefits received for 2016

Panos - May 18, 2016

The Ministry of Labor has announced that pensioners who received the EKAS benefit in 2016, but do not qualify for it anymore, will be called upon to…

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Pension reform brings one billion euros worth of new measures

ilias1 - Jan 09, 2016

The imminent reform in the Greek pension system will be accompanied by a series of measures that aim to save about 1 billion euros, claims an article…