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Draghi: Greece to be in QE if progress continues

Panos - Sep 24, 2019

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi left open the possibility of Greece being included in the next QE program during his final speech to members of the…

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Draghi: Greek bonds ineligible for ECB’s QE program without waiver, which ends with bailout

Panos - Jul 27, 2018

Greece's participation in the ECB's Quantitative Easing (QE) program is not possible without the waiver, Eurozone central banker Mario Draghi said on Thursday, speaking at a press…

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Draghi denies Eurogroup ‘row’ with Greek FinMin

Panos - Feb 27, 2018

European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi on Monday denied reports that he “exchanged words” with Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos last week during a Eurogroup meeting…

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Draghi says overall situation in Greece has significantly improved

Panos - Nov 21, 2017

The overall situation in Greece has significantly improved in terms of economic growth and employment, the head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi said on Monday,…

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Reports from Eurogroup: Draghi cites importance of dealing with Greek NPLs, stalled property auctions

Panos - Nov 07, 2017

Eurozone finance ministers emphasized the need for the Greek government to continue agreed to reforms, according to reports related to the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels on Monday.…

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Draghi, Dijsselbloem point to ‘stress tests’ for Greek banks before Aug. 2018

Panos - Sep 27, 2017

Greece’s four systemic lenders will undergo “stress tests” before the current bailout program for the country ends in August 2018, if statements by two top European leaders…

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ECB may bring forward Greek bank stress test next year

Panos - Sep 26, 2017

The European Central Bank may bring forward its stress test of Greek banks next year, finalising data well before Greece is due to exit its three-year, 86…

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Draghi: It’s up to Athens to decide when to return to markets; confidence restored with full implementation of program

Panos - Jul 21, 2017

European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi told reporters in Frankfurt on Thursday that it's up to the Greek government when to decide on a return to…

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Mario Draghi: Greek workforce underutilised by 31.3%

makis - Jul 06, 2017

Responding to a question submitted by MEP Nikos Chountis in the European Parliament, the President of the European Central bank (ECB), Mario Draghi painted a bleak picture…

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Draghi says Athens should focus on reforms, eurozone on debt

Panos - Oct 21, 2016

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi on Thursday called on the Greek government to focus its efforts on implementing reforms agreed with the country’s creditors, noting that…

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Draghi: Restoring waiver for Greek banks bumped to June 22

ilias1 - Jun 04, 2016

As expected the European Central Bank will await implementation of the latest prior actions taken by Athens before restoring a waiver that allows Greek bonds to be…

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Draghi expected to fend off Schaeuble criticism

Panos - Apr 21, 2016

The public debate between the European Central bank chief (ECB) Mario Draghi and the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble is expected to overshadow today’s ECB meeting. German…

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ECB: Euro zone remains fragile

Panos - Apr 07, 2016

The future of the global economy remains uncertain and there are questions about Europe’s ability to cope with new shocks, the president of the European Central Bank,…

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IMF reiterates call for a significant reduction of Greece’s public debt

ilias1 - Jan 23, 2016

The ECB chief is expected to call for the swift conclusion of the bailout review, so that talks on debt relief may begin. The Greek side aims…

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Tsipras, Draghi agree on need to conclude programme review as soon as possible

Panos - Jan 22, 2016

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Friday met with ECB president Mario Draghi at Davos. Both officials agreed that the first programme review must be concluded as soon…

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President Pavlopoulos to meet ECB’s Draghi on Tuesday

Panos - Jan 19, 2016

President of Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos on Tuesday will meet with ECB president Mario Draghi at the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt. The two officials are expected to discuss…