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Dragasakis: gov’t not opposed to reward for responsible borrowers; may not make it into current draft bill

Panos - Mar 28, 2019

A top government minister on Wednesday, during debate at a relevant Parliament committee, expressed qualified support towards legislating a law to benefit responsible borrowers, especially those paying…

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Greek Dep. PM on ‘bad debt’ crisis: If we’re not careful, banks may be led to point of needing fresh capital

Panos - Feb 01, 2019

Greek Economy Minister and Deputy PM Yannis Dragasakis on Thursday again sounded "warning bells" over the high level of non-performing loans (NPLs) plaguing Greek banks' spread sheets.…

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Dep. PM: Risk of 2015 crisis spinning out of control caused Tsipras govt to ‘blink’

Panos - Dec 03, 2018

Government Deputy PM and economy minister Yannis Dragasakis this week harked back to the turbulent days of the summer of 2015, saying a continuation of the unprecedented…

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Greek Dep. PM: ‘Trial run’ for market borrowing could come in 2017

Panos - Jun 23, 2017

Greek government deputy prime minister Yannis Dragasakis said a "trial" foray into the markets by Greece this year "could" take place, in a carefully worded statement made…

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Deputy PM sees Greece back in markets in 2017

makis - Mar 03, 2017

Greece’s deputy prime minister said on Friday the country could return to international bond markets this year if the current impasse with the bailout creditors is resolved…

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Dragasakis claims that conditions are in place to overcome the crisis

makis - May 24, 2016

The Government Vice President Yannis Dragasakis argued that for the first time in many years Greece is entering a period of realistic prospects for the economy and…

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Debt relief deal should help Greece access debt markets ‘within next year’

ilias1 - May 15, 2016

Greece wants a debt relief deal which will help the country access debt markets in 2017 and allow for sustainable primary budget surpluses, the country's deputy prime…

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Dragasakis: Additional measures will cause a political problem

Panos - Apr 19, 2016

Government Vice President Yannis Dragasakis stated that the government is aiming to conclude the first bailout review without any measures on top of what has been agreed,…

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Day of Independence celebrations conclude with military parade

ilias1 - Mar 26, 2016

The celebrations for the Day of Independence concluded with the military parade in Athens. The Armed Forces paraded in the city center before the President of the…

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Greek government has solid majority to pass pension reform

ilias1 - Jan 10, 2016

Jan 9 Greece's leftist government will be able to push through a crucial pension reform in parliament, part of measures the country has agreed to under its…