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Cyprus to upgrade its air & naval military bases

Panos - Nov 23, 2017

The upgrading of “Andreas Papandreou” airbase and naval base at Zigi was announced by the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades in order to strengthen the island’s defence…

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Northern Cyprus propaganda tourist bus passes through Greece

makis - Oct 25, 2017

The provocative bus commissioned by the pseudo-state of Northern Cyprus to propagandise it as a tourist destination passed into to Turkey via the Promachona & Kipoi border…

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Cyprus and Russia to Sign Seven Bilateral Agreements

Panos - Oct 24, 2017

Seven agreements have been finalized and will be signed on Tuesday between Russia and Cyprus, during the President of the Republic of Cyprus; Nicos Anastasiades’, working visit…

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Uproar in Cyprus over woman arrested for having an abortion

makis - Oct 13, 2017

Following public outcry, Cypriot police on Thursday released a woman who had been placed in custody after she had had an abortion. The doctor who carried out…

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Turkey: Annexation of occupied Northern Cyprus up for discussion

makis - Oct 11, 2017

Turkey’s request to annex the Northern part of Cyprus was ascertained on Monday by deputy Prime Minister in charge of Cyprus Affairs, Recep Akdag, who said that…

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New Cyprus law to allow Big Brother to listen in

Panos - Sep 21, 2017

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou has submitted legislation opening the way for law enforcement agencies to listen in on phone calls in Cyprus. The proposed law will see…

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Cyprus’ UN Permanent Representative addressed Security Council’s open debate on peacekeeping operations

Panos - Sep 01, 2017

The Permanent Representative of the Republic to the United Nations, Ambassador Kornelios Korneliou, speaking, on 29 August, within the framework of the Security Council’s open debate, under…

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Fall energy sector developments in Cyprus

makis - Aug 29, 2017

This fall will be full of developments in Cyprus’ energy sector, with the results of the West Capella drilling in block 11 set to be announced in…

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US MPs officially support Cyprus and its rights in the EEZ

makis - Aug 23, 2017

The Chairman of the House of Foreign Affairs Committee of the American Parliament, Edward Royce and the Member of the Commission, Eliot Engel expressed in a letter…

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Shell eyes Leviathan and Cyprus gas for Egypt

makis - Aug 21, 2017

Royal Dutch Shell Plc is looking to bring natural gas from Israel and Cyprus to market, a step that could help turn the Mediterranean region into a…

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Turkish Minister of European Union Affairs: Cyprus talks have ended

Panos - Aug 18, 2017

Negotiations on the Cyprus problem have ended are in no way frozen or stalled according to Turkish Minister of European Union Affairs Omer Celik. Speaking to reporters…

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Cyprus remembers Helios Airways disaster

makis - Aug 14, 2017

Relatives and friends of loved ones who died in the Helios Airways crash were on Monday marking 12 years since the deadliest aviation incident in Cypriot and…

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Cyprus marks second Turkish invasion

makis - Aug 14, 2017

Most of Cyprus was on Monday marking 43 years since the second invasion of the island by Turkish Armed Forces. The UN, with over 30 Resolutions of…

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Cyprus, Egypt heads of state build bilateral ties

makis - Aug 09, 2017

The Cyprus problem, regional developments and bilateral relations with a focus on energy matters were the topics discussed by President Nicos Anastasiades and his Egyptian counterpart Abdel…

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Eide: Resurrection of Cyprus talks to come from two sides

makis - Aug 04, 2017

The ‘resurrection’ of the Cyprus peace process will not happen from the United Nations but by the divided island’s two sides, UN Cyprus envoy Espen Barth Eide…

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Italy joins France in warning Ankara about Cyprus gas drilling

makis - Jul 31, 2017

Italian Minister of Defence Roberta Pinotti is paying a “symbolic” visit today (31 July) to Cyprus in light of oil and gas drilling that a consortium of…

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Turkey’s role in collapse of Cyprus talks ‘cannot be disputed by anyone,’ Cyprus spokesman says

makis - Jul 24, 2017

Turkey’s insistence on continuing the guarantees treaty, rights of intervention in Cyprus and a permanent Turkish military presence on the island were responsible for the deadlock at…

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The collapse of Cyprus reunification talks: Imposition of sanctions against Turkey is long overdue

makis - Jul 20, 2017

By Constantine Tzanos, Contributor Nuclear engineer, PhD* July 7, 2017, marked the failure of another effort to solve the over 40-year-old problem of the division of Cyprus.…

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Cyprus invasion: 43 years since Turkish aggression

makis - Jul 20, 2017

In commemoration of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus by Turkish forces on July 20 1974, the sirens wailed across the island on Thursday at 5.30am, the time…

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US and France offer support to Cyprus

makis - Jul 17, 2017

The “West Capella” drilling rig is expected start drilling today in the seabed of Cypriot waters at block 11. Despite continuous Turkish provocations and constant aggressive rhetoric…